Is it permissible to create multiple accounts with multiple ip addresses on a single computer on ptc sites?

I have a single computer in my office but I have many internet connections of the same ISP. That is because I used to have many computers but I sold them. Now I have only one computer in my office but I still have many internet connections of the same ISP (Not LAN). Can I create multiple accounts on ptc sites using those internet connections on a single computer or not? Is it permissible?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Permissable - no.

    Doable - hmm - kindof, yes, but it would be *much* easier to use proxies instead. Research some of the "anonimity" or proxy services out there - they've got hundreds of IPs you can use, and you can pick whichever one(s) you like. They've even got free ones you can use, if you don't mind downloading the new list every day (they change rapidly)

    If you want to install a bunch of different web browsers (eg: firefox, chrome, safari, IE9, etc etc), you can set each one of the up to use a different proxy. That means that you can have the same web site open in 5 or 10 different windows, all at the same time, all using a different IP address.

    Beware though - ptc are not stupid. They track you with some very advanced technology, including cookies and flash data and other profiling stuff. I recommend if you're doing this - uninstall flash (or find out how to block it from storing identity-tracking stuff on your PC). This is another benefit of using different browsers - it will mess up their identiy tracking, so you'll really look like 10 different people :-)

    Oh - and to answer your actual question - if you're using windows - no. Unless you're an ubergeek rocket-scientist, you won't be able to make use of multiple IPs on a single computer. If, however, you *really* want to do that for whatever reason, the best way will be to install "vmware workstation" on your PC - you can then boot up a stack of vmware guests on your desktop, and give each of those a different IP. It's kindoflike having 10 different PCs, all using your one screen and keyboard.

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