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What would your child's name be?

You have 5 children, all born one year apart. You name each based on popular names from the early 1800s. One name from each list for each child! You choose the order, but you have three girls and two boys.

Child #1 1801-1810:

GIRL: Lydia, Jemima, Phebe, Esther, Mahala, Levinia, Almira, Charity, Millicent, Dahlia, Mercy

BOY: Hiram, Isaac, Jeremiah, Soloman, Elias, Silas, Luther, Ezra,

Child #2 1811-1820

GIRL: Melinda, Priscilla, Electa, Sophrona, Permilia, Christin, Ellen

BOY:Cyrus, Reuben, Levi, Josiah, Caleb, Oliver, Perry, Lyman, Warren

Child #3 1821- 1830:

GIRL: Cynthia, Angel, Cordelia, Josephine, Rox, Parthena, Elvira, Hetty, Sabina

BOY: Edwin, Amos, Harvey, Nelson, Hezekiah, Pleasant, Oscar, Lameul, Gideon, Uriah, Seth

Child #4 1831- 1840:

GIRL: Prudence, Minnie, Cornelia, Augustine, America, Hulda, Selina, Kesiah, Elvina

BOY: Ezekial, Horrace, Rufus, Obadiah, Ephraim, Julius, Asa, Sidney, Lafeyette, Leander

Child #5 1841-1850:

GIRL: Dahlia, Missouri, Gertrude, Leta, Indiana, Arabella, Fidelia, Melvina

BOY: Edwin, Jerome, Winfield, Marion, Uriah, Orin, Monroe, Lucius, Leonidas,

Most interesting answers gets 10 points!


Mine would be:

Lydia Mercy

Levi Oliver

Josephine Sabina

Leanader Cyrus

Arabella Dahlia

27 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
    Favorite Answer


    Luther Jeremiah 'Luthe' for short.

    Luther sounds so handsome. And strong. And also because of Martin Luther-King. So that would be great with a name similar to him. And Jeremiah is cute, strong and so unique. If Jeremiah was a first name, Jerry would be such a cute nickname.


    Cyrus Oliver.

    I've always loved Cyrus, though I wouldn't use it. It sounds really handsome, masculine and strong on a man, but for a kid it would also be cute. And Oliver is a bit overused nowadays, but it is still so smart and handsome.


    Harvey Amos.

    I LOVE Amos, and Harvey. Amos is so sweet, and cute. And Harvey is just... lovely.


    Selina Minnie.

    Selina's nice and cute, and Elli or Ella is such a cute nickname. I also like its connection with the goddess of the moon (greek I think?). Minnie is sweet, but I'd prefer it to be Hermione, Minnie as a nickname, but Hermione is too 'famous' you could say, to be used.


    Leta Dahlia.

    Don't especially like most of them. Dahlia's cute, but too unusual. Leta is sweet though.

    So... Luthe, Cyrus, Harvey, Elli and Leta. Cute.

  • Isaac Jeremiah

    Warren Levi

    Cordelia Josephine

    Selina Augustine

    Dahlia Arabella

  • 9 years ago

    Ezra Silas

    Levi Josiah

    Cordelia Josephine

    Selina Kesiah

    Arabella Dahlia

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Lydia Charity

    Caleb Levi

    Sabina Josephine

    Selina Minnie

    Edwin Monroe

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Isaac Elias

    Ellen Melinda

    Seth Nelson

    Selina Cornelia

    Arabella Dahlia

  • 9 years ago

    Isaac Ezra

    Levi Josiah

    Cordelia Angel

    Selina Augustine

    Arabella Dahlia

  • Hannah
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Lydia Phoebe

    Caleb Levi

    Cynthia Josephine

    Selina Augustine

    Edwin Monroe

  • Fun!

    Lydia Jemima

    Warren Oliver

    Sabina Josephine

    Julius Sidney

    Arabella Dahlia

  • 9 years ago

    Millicent Jemima

    Caleb Josiah

    Sabina Hetty

    Leander Asa

    Arabella Leta

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Esther Dahlia

    Oliver Caleb

    Josephine(Jo) Rox

    Minnie Augustine

    Edwin Lucius

  • 9 years ago

    Child 1 - Jeremiah Silas

    Child 2 - Levi Caleb

    Child 3 = Josephine Cynthia

    Child 4 = America Minnie

    Child 5 = Arabella Dahlia

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