Has anyone ever heard of ROLAND W JOHNSON Inc. ?

I am wondering has anyone ever heard of this so called E-commerce company online? (ROLAND W JOHNSON Inc.) I had a very unusual, fishy unauthorized charge on my debit card acct from this person for the very first time in history. Upon speaking with my debit card issuer they said this is actually an online merchant, and that there are no actual physical buildings matching the merchant info. I also googled the name and all I got back was RONALD W JOHNSON. The only company that I call and give my debit card info to is Nationwide. Also beside the name of the so called merchant it said JEAN LAFITTE,TN. So the statement showed ROLAND W JOHNSON INC.,JEAN LAFITTE,TN. I googled Jean Lafitte town, and I only saw one in Louisiana. The card issuer also said they can't find a phone number listed for this fishy transaction either. Also no debt collectors have my debit info, or anything. I've never even had a piece of postal mail from this so called merchant. Please help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You are correct. There is no such place in Tennessee. This is some sort of scam, and I wonder how many other charges "Mr. Johnson" made on credit and debit cards. You can bet that isn't his real name either.

    Source(s): TN resident
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