Why when progressives are 100 to 1 more fascist than conservatives do they constantly call republicans "Nazis"?

Nazis, fascists, and communists were all socialist. That is a fact. Yet the Soviets were often more tyrannical and murderous than the other socialists (Germany, Italy, Spain, Red China, etc.) that they were enemies with and that they branded "fascist". In a historical sense, fascism is only the far right of the socialist spectrum not the political one. In practice they were mixed-economy socialists identical to the views that most progressives (not conservatives) desire. It is ignorant and even stupid to deny this fact. While communists often branded any they opposed as "fascists" in practice there was typically little difference.

Are they this historically illiterate or are they so ignorant as to believe that fascism = capitalism (its actual opposite)?

Is this revision being taught at schools and university levels by progressive elitists (modern fascists) ?


@AndyF - I appreciate your candor in admitting the twine economic similarities between Nazism/fascism and "modern" progressivism. While for branding tactics, progressives often use the terms interchangeably, Nazis and fascists were as distinct political form as progressives and communists. Actually, in both a historic and factual sense, fascists and progressives are FAR closer in both ideology and economic theory, though you may not yet be able to admit this. The small lip service modern fascism (progressivism) pays to gender, racial, sexual preference, etc, "equality" is simply a weak window dressing and smokescreen.

The fact that you "see" conservatives as racist/sexist/homophobes is simply the new okay-to-hate-and-vilify charge you can use to make conservatives your "rats" to Hitler's "Jews". There is no teeth to the delusion in either case. You really need to go back to see that capitalism (10 to 1) over "communism&q

Update 2:

was what progressives then (fascists) as now (you) rallied against. NOT all fascists were racist/sexist/etc. That was actually the exception. Many fascists (such as Franco and Benito before German occupation) were not anti-Zionist and actually protected Jews from widespread European persecution (the Nazis may have seized upon it but they didn't originate that).

Update 3:

Your view that black/brownshirts were "anti-socialist" shows extreme ignorance or possibly strong false-history indoctrination. BOTH fascists and Nazi (in fact that very name means socialist labor party) WERE mixed-economy socialists. They may have "hated" other socialists (like Russia) but that is meaningless rhetoric when use to "prove" they were not socialists. This is a matter of documented record. By attempt to revise history to suit the socialist agenda your masters again simply show similarity to the "progressives" of the past.

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    8 years ago
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    Liberals are too stupid to realize that national socialism was a left leaning ideology. They have been using the term for conservatives for decades. It proves that they don't understand anything about history or reality. Maybe they just don't care if they are correct because it makes them sound superior. Either way, it makes me laugh every time.

  • Skip
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    8 years ago

    Self imosed King Obama is a Dictator! one that needs to be brought down fast before he takes the world into WW111 he is nothing but a Pawn for the Israelis all this propaganda Crap USa are giving out about Syria and Iran Tidy up your own Country before trying to impliment Slavery on the whole World NWO Global Governement its a Joke they can not even Govern USA let alone the World?

    NDAA just turned USA into a Battle Ground and all in it terrorists?

    Joke this is not! Fema Camps Halliburton Built these from Tax Payers Money you wonder why your in so much Debt how much Taxes have been used to build Underground facilities for whom certainly not the Averege Joe on the streets who paid for them?

    Nope the Elite have booked places?

    Averege Joe who will end up complaining when the **** hits the Fan will be hauled off to Camp Fema

    to be Mirowaved or worse for ask what are all these Coffins are stored and awaiting?

    Source(s): Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura all they have Exposed now a reality and in your face yet you have accepted all without so much as a whimper!
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    "In a historical sense, fascism is only the far right of the socialist spectrum not the political one"

    This is interesting. But remember in Europe right and left are not identified primarily by stances on the Free Market

    Oh and @ March2 if the government controls your money, it controls EVERYTHING.

    Fascism is not particularly concerned with controlling Private behavior, what are you talking about?

  • 8 years ago

    That should be obvious since Obama has been governing out of Hitler's play book. The parallels are undeniable and indeed shocking. FJ

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  • 8 years ago

    @Secular-Humanist: Then you must think liberal insults are compliments because that's all I ever read on this site.

    Just to let you know. Margret Sanger, the one who pioneered the idea of Eugenics was a progressive leftist and spread her ilk all over Europe eventually giving rise to the Aryan dream(Nazis).

  • March2
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    8 years ago

    Spare us the rants. The Right is clearly obsessed with controlling private behavior.

  • 8 years ago

    On here, 100 to 1 Republicans call Liberals commies, Fascist, Nazis, Marxists, Socialists, etc.

    I actually rarely see Liberals name-calling on here in regards to political affiliation, and that is my un-biased observation.



    I said in regards to political affiliation, meaning that Liberals still name call, but it doesn't have to do with political labels as much as it does other things.

  • Jim A
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    8 years ago

    When the truth fails, call names.

  • Andy F
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    8 years ago

    We're back to "language games," it looks like. You're using "Nazis" and "fascists" to mean what YOU want these words to mean, and this makes it impossible for people who define these words differently to have an meaningful debate with you.

    For example, you clearly choose to define "fascist" and "Nazi" as meaning leftwing, whereas most sober historians would call them "rightwing."

    You're also choosing to define "fascism" by referring first & foremost to fascist economic policies, which in some ways actually were similar to the mix-economy, basically capitalist policies that many modern progressives favor.

    But fascism and Naziism as defined by Mussolini and Hitler were not simply ECONOMIC philosophies or economic movements. Both of the great fascist leaders of the 1930s championed beliefs that most modern progressives consider immoral & disgusting:

    -- a belief in war as the "highest form of human endeavor"

    -- a belief in racism and racial supremacy --- to a limited degree in Mussolini's case, to a really fanatical degree in Hitler's case

    -- a virulent anti-Communism and anti-socialism, with Mussolini's Black Shirts first gaining power through violent & illegal attacks on leftwing labor activists in Italy in the 1920s, and with Hitler proclaiming in "Mein Kampf" his ferocious hatred for Russian Bolshevism.

    Not to mention Hitler's long-term plan to win "lebensraum" for Germany through a basically genocidal invasion & colonization of Slavic nations to the East.

    -- a contempt for political democracy and a near-worship of governance by an all-powerful Ruler -- e.g., Mussolini as "Duce," Hitler as "Der Fuerher"

    -- a political base that in Hitler's case, anyway, was partly centered in an economically insecure lower middle class, and that focused its "socialist" hatred on wealthy Jewish capitalists, even as Hitler was reaching out to ultra-conservative German businessmen like the Krupps and the Thyssens for support.

    -- an explicitly anti-gay and anti-feminist politics, even though the Nazi street-fighting group the SA was initially led by a gay man, Eric Roehm, and originally included many homosexuals.

    In contrast to Hitler & Mussolini and their followers, however, modern American progressives are generally

    (a) antiwar, or at least suspicious of excessive militarism

    (b) anti-racist and egalitarian in their politics

    (c) pro-feminist and pro-gay

    (d) in favor of "one-man, one vote" democracy and against the cult of the Supreme Leader [although admittedly, some progressives do sometimes engage in hero worship regarding political figures like John F. Kennedy & Obama.]

    (e) not obsessively anti-Communist, as Hitler and Mussolini both were, but more inclined to seek diplomatic compromise with the USA's political adversaries

    (f) not especially rooted in the more insecure parts of the American lower middle class, and not inclined to demonize unpopular minorities in order to satisfy lower-middle-class fears & hatreds.

    To summarize, modern US progressives have almost NOTHING in common with European fascists and Nazis of the 1930s except for their common recognition that "free market" capitalism, left completely to its own devices, doesn't work automoatically & often leads to economic crisis.

    Like Hitler & Mussolini, "progressives" today are in fact smart enough to recognize that a pure "free market" capitalism will often bring disaster to society. Just as global capitalism did during the 1930s, obviously.

    But aside from that, US progressives today are almost totally opposed to fascism as a political movement dedicated to war, racism, sexism, imperialism, and the replacement of democracy with the cult of a Supreme Leader.

    I'm biased, but I sincerely think that for those "fascist" and "Nazi" characteristics, you'll find much more support among modern US conservatives.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The first sentence indicates that you're either a troll or just really stupid. Probably both.

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