Why don't more parents take a stand like this against rebellious teenagers?

For all parents who have spoiled, disrespectful entitled, rebellious teen brats at home: I just watched THE MOST AWESOME parenting video I've ever seen. Please check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl1ujzRidmU

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Why don't more parents take a stand against disrespect and rebellion like this?


Please take the time to watch the WHOLE video before replying to this question. It's 8 minutes long.

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  • 8 years ago
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    More parents do not take a stand like this because they realize that it is not good parenting. Parenting isn't about getting a child to do what you want. It is about raising a child into becoming a healthy, happy, stable adult. What is the purpose of his discipline? What did she do wrong? It appears that she was being a typical teenager and ranting about her parents to her friends. She may have even been PMSing. She felt safe expressing her feelings because she used facebook privacy settings to lock her parents out of seeing her status. What she said was never meant for the whole world to see. Mentally healthy people need to blow off steam every now and again to their friends. He claimed on the video that since he works in IT for a living he was able to see the status that he was locked out of. If a father publicly humiliates his daughter by opening up his facebook wall to the public, posting a video on youtube, and puts his daughter in danger of being bullied by her classmates, being bullied by strangers on the internet, does that make him a good parent? Worse yet, by making his privacy settings public and by having other videos on his youtube account, a person can easily figure out where she lives, where she goes to school, where she goes to church, who her relatives are, and where her parents work. The way people are talking about her, it worries me that the whole world has that information. Parenting is also about keeping your child safe. A firearm is not a parenting tool, and neither is public humiliation.

  • 8 years ago

    If you have spoiled, disrespectful, entitled , rebellious teens at home shooting their computer will not change their behavior. All this father did was totally embarrass his whole family by showing how immature he can be......and what little value he places on things. He was angry cause she posted a rant about her parents on Facebook so what did he do...he posted his own on Facebook! How did that show her anything? Now 3million people have watched it and its on this girls Facebook forever- it could affect her ability to get a job in the future, it could cause a myriad of problems for her. When a parent treats his child with disrespect like he did ..and it was disrespectful (he never once said anything about loving her - caring about her - or anything nice at all) then that is why the child is disrespectful.

    He said he moved out of his parents house when he was 15 and got a job .......well that was a different time but I wonder if it was the rules of the house that led to him leaving. He wants her to get a job .......well I have a bachelors degree and can't find a job so I imagine that its pretty hard for a 15 year old to get one.

    And when he brought out the gun and shot the computer - all I could think was .........darn I hope this girl doesn't get herself into real trouble cause if I was her I would be terrified to go to Dad with the problem...Dad solves problems with his gun!!

    Not good parenting sorry!

  • Hannah
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    8 years ago

    Plenty of parents do "take a stand" and discipline their rebellious teenagers- they just do it without using guns, and don't make videos about it and post stuff about their and their kids' personal lives on the internet. I mean really...if your kid is abusing their internet privileges and writing disrespectful things about you, the normal thing to do would be to just take the laptop away...or if they're REALLY bad, and you think they shouldn't own the laptop anymore, you can make a point by selling it or giving it away to someone who needs it. Destroying it was stupid, childish, and extremely wasteful. And discipline issues with your kids are nobody else's business, it is between you and the child, not everyone on the internet. Now everyone is always going to know the girl for this, she'll be made fun of at school, and like someone else said, she may very well have trouble finding a job now.

  • 8 years ago

    Many parents do... They do it without guns, and without posting it for the entire world to see.

    How is what he did to his daughter any better than what she did to him? The only thing he did was stoop down to her level... I was always under the impression that parents are suppose to be the MORE mature ones... not the immature ones...

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Many parents do take a stand against rebellious teenagers but ones who have an ounce of class and an iota of sense don't shoot expensive laptops and then act like the class clown by posting it on the internet for the world to see. What an absolutely pathetic excuse for parenting. No one with a brain thinks that's appropriate.

    LOL, of course there are a lot of people without a brain answering this question.

  • Minnow
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    8 years ago

    Seen it. Not awesome parenting.

    1) He has said on his facebook that it was an emotional (not rational) response. You can see his hands shaking when he handles his gun, because he was in a rage.

    2) He didn't confront her BEFORE the punishment. He was so angry he just acted without waiting to calm down or to talk to her about it beforehand.

    3) All teens will vent and rant. Parents are supposed to be MORE mature, and show them how to handle those angry feelings. Ie, if you rant against your parent they're supposed to get mad, then show you how to handle that. Shooting a gun isn't a way to handle that.

    4) He could have taken a stand without having to destroy something.

    Most parents are grown ups who know you don't destroy something just because you're mad, and would have done something more productive, like made her in person apologize to each person she insulted and give the lap-top to the woman cleaning in the house. He could have taken the laptop to a pawn shop, gotten money, given her the ticket and said "You have a month to pay for it or it's gone forever" and watch her get a job and try.

    He's stuck as a 15 year old kicked out of the house, working 2 jobs and a volunteer firefighter, while going to a highschool college combination education system who never learned to react as a grown up. I would hate to be stuck in front of him in traffic.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't call that "taking a stand". I see no value in what he did. Kids vent and whine about their parents all the time, and think their lives are so hard, and blah blah blah. Now they have the internet to share their venting. So what? That's normal. It's life. They (usually) grow out of it. Making a very public display of all of his kids' faults was horrible (can you imagine the crap she'll go through at school because her father thought pubic humiliation was a good idea?), and shooting the laptop was completely unnecessary. When my child mis-used Facebook, we took away his account and restricted his access to the computer. We did not destroy a perfectly good computer - which does what? Teaches the child that destroying property is a-okay if you feel a little offended by something someone says about you? No, be an adult and actually communicate with your children.

    Here's a ton of opinions: http://booju-newju.livejournal.com/2606847.html#co...

    Source(s): There is nothing "pretentious" or "sanctimonious" about disagreeing with this man's methods. Get over yourself. Yes, person below I won't bother to name because I don't care, it is NORMAL for teenagers to vent about their parents, and even say mean, stupid, nonsensical things about them. Is that SOOOOO hard to believe? I ranted about my mother to my friends, and called her some pretty awful things, when I was a teen. Then I grew up and realized she wasn't so bad. I was certainly never raked over the coals for it.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Considering the fact that he went on and on and on about how much money he put into that laptop he didn't show much emotion when he emptied his clip into it.

    That is not awesome parenting. That was lazy parenting, impulsive behavior, irresponsible and reckless handling of a firearm and just flat out stupid. He accomplished nothing by making that video except for ensuring that his daughter forever be labeled as the "girl who's dad shot up her laptop". Good luck with her finding a job to "pay you back" when any employer with a shred of common sense will google her name, find this video and throw her application in the trash. Who would want to hire someone who was raised by a nutjob?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You consider that to be awesome parenting?

    How is what he did any better than what she did? She vented on facebook. He not only vented to the WHOLE WORLD, he used a gun in a very reckless and immature way to "make a point". SMH, if that is what you consider to be 'awesome' parenting I feel so sorry for your kids.

    * I watched the video this morning. I know how long it is. I also know that you lead a child by example. What example is he setting for her? If someone pisses you off because they ranted shoot their property and expect them to pay you back for it? Like I said before, I feel sorry for your kids.

  • C
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    8 years ago

    Expect lots of pretentious, sanctimonious parents on here flip out that he didn't sit down and talk to her for the millionth time instead.

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