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How can Mongolia take charge of its destiny?

How can Mongolia grow and prosper and become as strong as the US; and not have Russia or China control it anymore?

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    Mongolia needs to profit from its natural resources. This includes tourism, as Mongolia is a beautiful country with lovely traditions that appeal to travelers. (I have been there and loved it!) I am impressed by the Costa Rican style of making money from tourism: instead of developing theme parks or casinos, they have focused on ecotourism since the 1980s. The most recent figure I could find showed that in 2005, tourism accounted for 8.1% of Costa Rica's gross national product. Can Mongolia develop ecotourism to this level? I'd love to see that.

    Mongolia's other natural resources in minerals and energy can also help the country grow and prosper. I would look to how Bolivia is doing it. They have incredible reserves of lithium. However, the government is being careful to not sell off mining rights to foreign interests:

    The article states that "The trauma of the Spanish colonial past has left many Bolivians deeply suspicious of multinational companies, which they often accuse of plundering their natural resources." Yet, they need cash to develop the infrastructure to mine the lithium. So, they are developing alliances with foreign countries to get financial assistance to mine the lithium, without selling off the rights to it.

    Of course there is controversy when the Bolivians living in poverty want the resources developed quickly, so they can improve their standard of living now. But I like that the president is taking a slow, steady, and sensible approach, so that the profit will be much greater over the long term, rather than taking short cuts to make quick cash.

    I don't know much about Mongolian politics, but I hope their politicians will watch what countries like Bolivia are doing to build their economy without letting foreigners have too much control over it.

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    with the help of smart people in the parliament, which we don't have.

    FYI we are not fully controlled by China and Russia.

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