I am interested in becoming a sonographer to determine fetus gender. Is there specific training for this?

I really hate to spend two years going to sonography school when all I am interested in is gender determination for pregnant women. Can anyone direct me to a school, or online degree that specializes in just this one aspect of sonography? Please don't offer advice about how good it would be to have the degree...lol I am 50 years old and not interested in anything but the field of gender determination. It may sound odd, but I went with my daughter twice for the procedure and fell in love with the idea of having a business that is so joyful for future parents. I live in the very NorthEastern corner of arkansas and on the borders of both Missouri and Tennessee, so schooling wouldn't be a problem in any of these states, or even if it is up to a 6 month school elsewhere. Appreciate any help I can get, or even tips if someone else is in this business.


Guess I didn't add enough info. My daughter went to a business that specifically only did sonograms for pregnant women to determine the gender. It was a 20 minute session where the sonogram was performed, 8 3D photos were taken, and a CD of the sonogram was recorded. At the end of the 20 minutes the parents were of course told the gender, received the photos and a CD. The cost was $50. The business was upscale, friendly, relaxed and the room was set up for the entire family to attend if wanted.

Update 2:

Didn't think so many people would find this unethical. It is not to take the place of the doctors sonograms which can give vital information of the fetus development. It is a means to give a more personal interaction with finding out the sex of the child. IF it were just a yuppie thing, I guarantee the price would be much higher. Some doctors will not allow others in during the sonogram, some women are only allowed 1 or 2 sonograms with their insurance and some of those are done before the sex can be determined. The service also gives the family a 20 minute CD of their child in the womb. (Never heard of this before from a doctors office.) I don't think it is unethical. But to each their own on their opinion. The place we went to was so joyous and eveyone was so excited. I want a job that makes people happy!

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    It's thanks to these kinds of places that people think my job is joke. In reality, the sex of a baby is the absolute least of my worries. First I like to make sure it has a beating heart, all fingers and toes, & a head. Anyway....

    Sonography is primarily used as a diagnostic tool to investigate for pathology and abnormalities. Obstetrics is only ONE aspect of general ultrasound. In school you have to learn everything - abdomen, small parts, ob/gyn, and limited vascular ultrasound. If you choose to take all that knowledge and skill and use it only to determine sex, then that's your choice. But to learn ultrasound the legitimate way, you'll need to go through an accredited program (see link) and learn ALL the parts of ultrasound.

    The ethical issue is because while ultrasound is considered safe, it is only done because the benefit outweighs the potential risks. So with a scan that is exclusively for sex determination, there is no medical benefit so why would you take the risk?

    Side note - I'm always so confused as to why people think ultrasound can be learned online? You have to actually practice scanning hands-on to learn how to do it.

    Source(s): Registered Sonographer (AB, Ob/Gyn)
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    You do realize that many people get this kind of sonogram to decide whether to abort the fetus if it's the "wrong" gender (usually meaning, a girl)? That's one BIG reason it's considered unethical to do sonograms just to determine gender.

    You would have to be fully trained as an ultrasound technician, and capable of doing a whole range of sonograms, in order to get credentialed. If you want to then get a job at a place that specializes this narrowly (and questionably), that's up to you.

    Here is some information that might be useful:



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    There is no such thing as someone whose job is to only determine a fetus' sex (gender is not a biological term, it is the extent of the maleness or femaleness of your personality). That would be a waste of money and efficiency to employ someone that only does this, because the ultrasound technician that does all the other ultrasound appointments can do that themselves. You could go to a program that would certify you as an ultrasound technician, which would allow you to determine sex as PART of your job, but there is no job where you strictly determine the sex of babies. I think it sounds like you would enjoy being an ultrasound technician, you get to develop a rapport with the pregnant women you are giving ultrasounds to and it would probably make the determination of their baby's sex even more exciting and joyful for you.

    EDIT - even if some sort of place like that exists, it is a rarity and you really shouldn't get certified for something that will literally pigeonhole you into only working at one business. Dumb career move in my opinion, who even knows if they have job openings or will hire you?

    Source(s): My friend is an LPN and ultrasound technician, and she also happens to be pregnant.
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    Sonographers are trained to do a variety of ultrasounds. They may do ultrasounds to diagnose blood clots, tumors, fetal gender or a variety of other problems. You would almost certainly not be doing ultrasounds solely on pregnant women. Diagnostic medical imaging is often offered as a two-year degree at a community college. Unless you can find a job at a busy ob/gyn practice, you are likely to end up working at a hospital doing a variety of different types of ultrasounds.

    Source(s): Personal experience with ultrasounds.
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    Diagnostic sonongraphy is a professional field and one of its ethical principles is not to do a sonographry for the sole purpose of determining fetus gender. You will not find an ethical program which teaches only that aspect.

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    This sounds like some trendy yuppy storefront. 99.9% of women get this same service at their OB/Gyn's office where they are also looking for fetal development, abnormalities, and age of the fetus. This is not a good career move for you.

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    It is highly unlikely you would even be hired by anyone if you had such a limited ability to read a sonogram.

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