hpv vaccine for men? age?

i have a partner who i don't want to unfelt with hpv.. supposedly the hov vaccine doesn't cover men over the age of 26 and he is 28.... i asked doctors and they told me they wont give it to him cuz he is over the age.... am so upset about this.. i know even putting on a condom i can infect him still.

(i know so) .. is their really anything i can do about it


unfelt is infect***

Update 2:

hov is hpv**

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  • 9 years ago
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    The vaccine Gardasil only prevent two HPV types for the male, HPV types 6 and 11. The vaccine is only given to men and boys until age 26. At this time the cost for the vaccine is not covered under all private insurance policies. The cost of the vaccine is about $120 per injection and they are 3 injections needed. The doctors office visit would not be covered but it may be covered under his private insurance. State policies regarding the vaccines are per state.

    HPV is a common infection. Many men and women acquire an HPV type when they become sexually active,by the time you have engaged in sex with 4 people that had other sex partners before then you have probably acquire at least an HPV type or three. They are 40 genital HPV types.

    The vaccine approved for the male Gardasil can't prevent an HPV type that he may have already been exposed to. The vaccine is most effective when given before any sex. There is no HPV test for the male in absence of having a visible genital wart.

    If you were diagnosed due to your Pap test finding abnormal cell changes and your HPV test was positive then you have one of the high risk HPV types. You probably do not know what specific HPV type or types you have. Most of us don't know what specific HPV type we carry.

    The vaccine hasn't been shown to be cost effective for the female over the age of 26 so I am not sure how cost effective it will be for your new sex partner.

    Yes, if your virus is active then there is a very good chance that he will share your HPV type. Men don't usually show any signs of the virus if you have a high risk HPV types. Many men and women acquire the virus and never show any signs. Condoms will provide about 70% prevention. Men do not share the same health burden as women do...and men build immunity to their acquired HPV type the same as women do in time. The only way to guarantee that he will not share your HPV type is through abstinence. He may also share an HPV type with you many men and women carry more than one HPV type. In most the virus will regress with time. This regression doesn't mean that we will be non contagious forever.

    You can always call different doctors and ask will any of them give the vaccine to a male if he pays for the injections up front.

    In boys and young men ages 9 to 26, GARDASIL helps protect against 90% of genital warts cases.I



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