Verify this identity in Trig?


Hopefully that isn't confusing. Step by step, please!

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  • 9 years ago
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    each bit on the LHS can be simplified first using co-function identities then put together to get the RHS

    3π/2 + x is in quadrant 4 ... so sin [(3π/2) + x] = -cos x

    and 3π/2 - x is in quadrant 3 ... so sin [(3π/2) - x] = -cos x

    so sin [(3π/2) + x] + sin [(3π/2) - x] = -cos x - cos x

    = -2cos x


    btw ... just in case you're wondering why sin [(3π/2) + x] = -cos x and NOT cos x ... it's b/c sine is negative in quadrant 4 and that determines the sign of the co-function ... gotta be careful about that

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