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What are small earning opportunity in Nepal through internet?

I just want to work and earn through internet for part time. But I am unable to find the genuine site where I can work. Help me if any one knows about this.

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  • UncleP
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    8 years ago
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    Buy some domain names, get some cheap hosting and make wordpress blogs using PLR (private label rights) content and monetize with Google Adsense. You can sell them on Digital Point forum for extra cash. Or get proxy hosting ( and make web proxies for the western school kids to surf youtube at school, again monetize with Adsense, that's a nice little earner and easy to do. You can even do that for free or very cheap using .tk or .info domains and You will need an Adsense account though but it's easy money.

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  • 5 years ago

    There are lots of websites offering cheap wordpress hosting but I usually @ because of their exceptional support team and quality of hosti ng.

    If you are developing your first sit e then just simply go for it. Th ey also offer superb disco unted dea ls. The y are very much ren owned and sustain a very good rep utation when it comes to HOS TING stuff.


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