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how did the work and activities of the jesuits differ from those of other religious orders?

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    At issue is the definition of 'Religious Order' as the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church seems to mention exclusively those Order of the Anglican Rite. Along with that little wrinkle is the lengthy list one can work from in terms of major orders, continuing (existent) orders and which are major and which are minor. There must be a complete list of Orders somewhere without going on-line to do a search. Not easily found, however.

    The Society of Jesus was established by Ignatius Loyola and approved by Pope Pall III September 17, 1540. This places its official birth date in the range of the Counter-Reformation. It was to be a 'missionary' society to bring new converts as well as lapsed Church of Rome members into the fold of the Church. It was to be engaged throughout the world Society members were given the right to practise the rites of the Church - this was a major happenstance as it meant basically Ordination. it focused on education of those it brought into the fold and often as part of the conversion process - meaning only texts with Imprimatur would be used while educating the masses. When it became too fast expanding for other Orders to keep up it was restricted by the Church simply to quell these jealousies.

    It is different from other Orders such as those which are engaged almost slowly in medicine, healing and caring for the dying.

    I recommend seeking out other Orders as you can name them and researching them in such sources as:

    Source(s): Bunson, Matthew (ed) - OSV's Encyclopedia of Catholic History. Huntington: Our Sunday Visitor: 2004 Cross, F. L. and E. A. Livingstone (eds) - The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. New York: Oxford University Press: 1997 Stravinskas, Peter M. J. Stravinskas (ed) - Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Encyclopedia: Revised Edition. Huntington: Our Sunday Visitor: 1998 (information on the Jesuit Order from primarily from this volume).
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    The Jesuits tended to do their homework. The order to which you belong, Sister, apparently never does so. I think that's at least 50,000 eons in purgatory for you.

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