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What is it like hosting a foreign exchange student?

I want to host a foreign exchange student.... but i dont know if I will like it. What are the pros and cons and other stuff like are they always around? Anything could be great thanks:)

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    Hosting an exchange student is a fabulous experience! My husband and I are currently hosting our 7th long-term exchange student.

    The pros are too numerous to list: you gain a family member; you learn more about your own and another culture; your world view opens up; you learn things like how to make REAL goulash; you learn about strengths you didn't know you had; you get to watch a young person really develop; etc etc etc.

    The cons are: you do experience a rise in grocery bills (and, to a much lesser extend usually - utility bills); you have to be flexible (which could actually turn into a pro as you develop into a better person); you will have to help with things like finding rides to school and such; and one or more family members may not really want to host but they don't want to admit it (even, sometimes, to themselves).

    As far as whether or not they are "always around", that depends on the student. Some do tend to put family as such a high priority that they don't make as many friends as we might want them to. Others are always out with friends or participating in a sports competition or other event and you don't see them as much. Ideally, the student and family find a balance.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to email me with more questions. I've also put some links below for more information. The first step I recommend is to get LOADS of information. Then have a family discussion about it.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I am a 7-time host mom and volunteer with YFU USA For More Information: 1-866-4YFU-USA Videos: YFU USA's YouTube channel: Hosting (1min) Hosting (16min) YFU History (6min Video): Virtual Information Nights
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