questions from epic of creation?

What marks the coming into being of a god?

a. Its birth

b. The pronunciation of its name

c. The naming of the god

d. Its apotheosis

Answer: ________________

According to the text, what is the seat of anger?

e. The chest

f. The abdomen

g. The heart

h. The head

Answer: _________________

Who gave the Tablet of Destinies to whom?

i. Qingu to Mother Hubur

j. Marduk to Qingu

k. Mother Hubur to Qingu

l. Apsu to Marduk

Answer: _________________

Who calls Marduk?

m. Ea

n. Apsu

o. Tiamat

p. The Igigi

Answer: _______________

What is given to Marduk by the Council of Gods?

q. Impenetrable armor

r. Rule over the whole earth

s. A golden sword

t. Sovereignty over the universe

Answer: ___________________

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