What is the importance of Forensic Entomology?

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    8 years ago
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    Forensic entomology is the examination of insects in a legal setting. An entomologist can be very valuable. When a human body is found it will be under attack by insects. Different insects attack the body at different levels of decomposition. Flies are usually the first. Once they land and find a food supply they will lay eggs. These eggs grow into maggots. The FE can determine the species once it is born. They also have studies of how long a certain size maggot of a specific insect takes to mature. They can then give an investigator a good idea of how long the human remains had been there.

    So if a body has been found and the insects show it had to be there at least two weeks you know the body is not a person who disappeared 3 days ago. It can also be used to prove or disprove a suspect statement. Many other aspects of the investigation are going on and the FE is one part of trying to solve the puzzle of the death.

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