What are the nicest cities in Michigan?

And why please?

BQ: What does the upper peninsula look like?

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    Ann Arbor. I will give you a little bit of context. Detroit has been a city in decline for a while. When Detroit's poor black population started to increase, the city became unattractive to whites, and they left to the suburbs. As a result, Detroit is known as being the "hell hole" of America, a city where wealth is impossible to find. The truth is that the suburbs of Detroit are some of the nicest, richest cities in America as well as in the world. Ann Arbor is probably the most notable city of significant size. It is a city that is located on the outskirts of Detroit, it is a college town with a nice downtown, and a population of over 100,000. As a result of the University of Michigan being there (an insanely hard school to get into with very smart students) the area has become very nice, and consistently reports years with zero murders, making it one of the safest cities in America despite being so close to the most dangerous city. Another city to look at that is significantly smaller is Bloomfield Hills, it has a population of 4000, but it has an average income of well over $100,000, making it the second richest city in the US. The city is basically nothing but mansions though.

    And the Upper Peninsula (the UP) is basically nothing but trees and white people haha. The largest city is Marquette and it has slightly over 30,000 people I believe. If the UP was a state it'd be the smallest by population in the US. But like I said, it's all wilderness pretty much. This picture pretty much sums it up


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    All along the pinky (please refer to your hand map), there are beautiful white sand beaches and adorable towns.

    Ann Arbor is really nice. I grew up Southeast of Toledo and Ann Arbor is the first place I ever tried sushi. I was in college! I didn't go to UofM; I went to BGSU.

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