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What can I do Im really upset with sears and this douch bag BRIAN CENTER?

Really upset !

I was sold a washer and dryer in Fayetteville Arkansas at this store 3162 W Martin Luther suit #2 479-575-9266

Now I paid off my lay away early was told it would be shipped to us, a week passed by we called back we were told he was going out of business and the set were transferred to the bentonville store that we would have to call them, we called them they had no clue what we were talking about we called the store back went back and forth until I was so stressed out that knew it was time to contact the corporate offices. they did call them we got a call back from the store we purchased it from and we were told today Thursday 2/9/12 our set would be delivered and today we called only to go back and forth for an hour until the corporate offices were contacted gain and we were told the store where we purchased the set from only had the washer and the bentenville store had the dryer on the truck I decided as advised by your corporate offices to request a refund at this time and called the store where we purchased the set only to be told nope we are going out of business contact the bentaonville store called them for them to tell me to contact the nwa mall called the mall and now I'm waiting for a call back. I'm so disappointed in sears what a hassle I will never do business with you again no thanks to Brian at 3162 W Martin Luther store.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Send this exact letter certified to: Edward S. Lampert Chairman of the Board Sears Holdings 3333 Beverly Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL. 60179-0001 You stated -- you called corporate 800-762-3049 no help just runaround now is the time to go to the top , their boss Top bosses DO want to know what is going on in "their" shop This is your time to speak you have a legitimate business complaint -GO FOR IT

    Source(s): Have been in your shoes before get action at the top
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