Will Obama allow Yucca Mountain since the approval of the first nuke plant in 30 years?

NRC approves first new nuke plant in 30 years (AP written article)


Death of Yucca Mountain Caused by Political Maneuvering


"Yucca Mountain – The Most Studied Real Estate on The Planet" (20 year study)


Bonus question: Would more nuke plants transform coal cars like the Chevy Volt into clean fuel cars, since nuke power has zero emissions?



@ apeweek. I don't think you read my links. You said "Obama can't approve it by himself." That is misleading by cutting hairs. The quote below (from a link I supplied and won't tell you which one) clearly explains it was Obama's decision to shut it down by removing funding. THAT is a choice, his choice. So HE shut it down. If he restarted the funds, then HE would open it back up.

Misleading statements bothers me a great deal. Regularity commissions "approve", DUH!

he COULD start it back up by getting the funds, since he has the ability to STOP the funding. Ya know, Obama can't dig out the depository by himself, nor can he go down their and finish the work either.... But if he freed up the funding, it would be HIM opening it, even though he PHYSICALLY didn't open it, and the approval from the commissions would eventually come.


The administration killed the repository program last year without citing technical or safety i

Update 2:


The administration killed the repository program last year without citing technical or safety issues, and restarting the costly and time-consuming process of finding a permanent repository or an alternative solution could take decades and cost billions of additional dollars, the Government Accountability Office reported yesterday.

The Energy Department began pursuing a license for the Nevada site in 2008 but pulled support a year later when the Obama administration said it was not an attractive solution for storing nuclear waste in the United States. The administration then closed out funding for the site, eliminated jobs and contractor activities and disposed of Las Vegas properties associated with the project.

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    Obama can't approve Yucca mountain by himself.


    The problem with nuke plants is that the design used is based on a desire to make fuel for nuclear weapons. There are much better, safer and cleaner designs that need to be researched and built.


    The Volt doesn't burn any more coal than gasoline does. Tons of electricity is used to refine gasoline, too.

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    9 years ago

    Most Americans dont care about Yucca Mountain. They dont even know what it is.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That one of the first things he did when he took office, shutting it down

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    9 years ago

    maybe we'll get a pipeline to texas approved in 2046.....

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