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What do you think of my solution for global warming at CO2 emissions?

I'm doing a project in science where we must come up with an innovated solution to global warming (my idea would reduce CO2 emissions). While I'm sure this idea has been done and is relatively small, it doesn't not need to be the key answer and any help will do. My idea is solar powered school and public buses. I know solar powered public buses exist, but I've never seen the same for school buses.

What do you think? I know it's not creative, but I need to think of something so I can work on it tomorrow in class. Here's the thing: buses are already reducing emissions by transporting more the one person and taking cars off the road, so are having them solar powered that worth it? (I'm completely contradicting what I said above).




Update 2:

Sorry, sorry! Not reduce, just provide an different solution for the energy source.

Update 3:

Well, if the idea is not practical and joke worthy, what IS a solution that would be effective?

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    There are a few major problems with electric vehicles - 1.) range is limited 2.) downtime needed to recharge. Electric vehicles were tried in the early 1900's and failed, and unless someone figures a way to change physics for the amount of power needed vs the size of the batteries, electric vehciles will never be practical. To transport one ton (about 10 to 15 people) 600 miles, a tractor trailer fully loaded with batteries is needed, and it will take a few days to recharge.

    If you want to know to know the intent behind AGW/ACC, read the entire answer, and read what they are saying in their own words quoted, so there can be no misunderstandings of their actual intent.

    Actually, the whole reason AGW/ACC exists at all, is to get countries to sign the Copenhagen Treaty (like what the AGW/ACC promoters want), to give the UN COP absolute control over the US economy and society (in their own words below). They have drafted a 181 page document outlining that they will have absolute authority unquestioned and unaccountable to no one but themselves (in their own words).

    These are a few statements that are legally binding for the countries that surrender their rights to the UN COP. Segments of the expose are shown below, and an expanded expose is at:

    (though not a full list of their demands and aspirations)

    (the COP is Conference of Parties, an established organization by the UN for a one world government, and "Convention" is the countries that surrender to the COP through the treaty.)

    Page 39, #32

    "Funds will be under the control of the COP as the supreme authority of the Convention."

    The COP will have unconditional, unrestricted power over the economy and society. Why is this stated if it is all about science, and nothing to do with a one world government and absolute global rule???

    Page 18, #36

    "..adoption and carrying out of public policies, as the prevailing instrument, to which the market rules and related dynamics should be subordinate, in order to assure the full, effective and sustained implementation of the Convention."

    Market rules and dynamics subordinate???? This IS what has caused the current global economic meltdown - Market rules and dynamics subordinate.

    Page 7, #3

    "a major obstacle to efforts to promote [sustainable] economic and social development [and to [reduce] poverty] [eradication] [promote poverty aliviation,] [which are the first and overriding priorities of all developing countries]."

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    Page 18, #38 (a)

    " The government will be ruled by the COP"

    Does the US want a foreign dictator to have absolute rule over society and the economy???

    Page 29, (q)

    "Any lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason to postpone or scale down action on adaptation];"

    It is suppose to be about irrefutable science. Why would this be stated if there is any lack of certainty? - because it is all about a lack of science certainty for the claim of Global Warming.

    Page 78, #4

    "economic and social development and poverty eradication are the first and overriding priorities"

    Poverty eradication again?? Stated many times. Isn't this issue about saving the planet??

    Page 87, #77

    "A separate pool of funding to finance national coordinating bodies through a direct line item in the secretariat’s budget shall be established. Such support shall not be subject to measurement, reporting and verification."

    Poverty eradication is named numerous times. The COP will have absolute and unconditional authority, and billions of US dollars will be extorted to fund their pet projects and no one will know where the billions will go - i.e. Page 87, #77, second sentence - "Such support shall not be subject to measurement, reporting and verification."

    Check out this publication of exposing only a few segments and statements shown in full so there can be no misunderstanding of their intended objectives in the statements and what the sections translate to mean.

    The full 181 page document is at:

    Science and AGW/ACC has nothing to do with the issue. By the way, by 1933 the world was to be in turmoil caused by AGW/ACC according to publications in 1922 - see links below

    Is it really about AGW/ACC, or is AGW/ACC an invented issue as a means to an end as they have wanted for the last hundred years????? Giving absolute rule to dictators will be the result of signing the Copenhagen Treaty, or whatever name they give it at the time is the whole reason AGW/ACC exists.

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    When using solar panels there are two important things to keep in mind. First, for the panels to be most effective they have to be pointed at the sun at the best angle. Secondly, the more space covered with panels, the more electricity they will generate.

    If by 'solar powered buses' you mean buses with their own solar panels installed, then I am afraid it would not work because of both reasons above; the roof space is too small and the buses moving will not always assure an optimal angle in relation with the sun.

    What can be done though is install solar panels in a fixed place (ie, where buses are parked when not in use) and simply have electric or hybrid buses charge their batteries when not in use (ie. overnight).

    Plug-in hybrid-buses already exist, including school-buses. Plug-in hybrid buses have one conventional engine and one electric engine and reduce CO2 emissions, particularly when the electricity used is renewable. See link below for more info.

    Youtube thumbnail


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    You should come up with some way to get CO2 out of the atmosphere such as vast plankton farms.

    Regarding solar power, you could make a solar powered satellite.

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    your on the right track i think every little bit helps & we should come up with as many little ideas to form a massive solution with a bulky transit like a bus it's difficult to provide a sufficent engine that can lug that much weight around perhaps look into trains that have more residential stops that are powered by something less determental than coal powered plants

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    Here's my creative answer: ELECTRIC CARS. Oh, and mirrors floating in space that reflect some of the sun's rays. Or spray Ozone into the current Ozone to strenghten it

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    You would need a solar panel as large as a 747 wing . And what if it storms for

    a week.?

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    As long as there is sunshine and environmentally detrimental storage cells your fine. Just don't go fast or far.

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    >Have any of you ever noticed that the most prosperous areas of this nation are so-called liberal areas? like CA and MA? My god (and I'm agnostic mind you) you are clueless, i mean its answer after answer not just this one.

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    your idea is ambitious but it is not practical

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    Global warming is a myth and al gore is a hypocrit

    There's your project ;)

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