how and why did Belgium take over Congo?

i really need to know why did Belgium take over Congo for my school project. i did do some research but im still confused about the reason why it was taken over and how. any ideas?

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    9 years ago
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    The Congo at the time was the private property of Leopold II, who also happened to be the king of Belgium. He had asked his own country to seek colonies, but the Belgian government had declined his wish. They were not interested. So the king went out on his own and after staking a huge chunk of land in central Africa, cleverly managed to convince the other European super powers of the time to place that part of Africa into his own personal possession. It became the Congo Free State: an open economic zone where any European could do business without being held back by state monopolies. With no state oversight and the drive for ever increasing profits, it was the local workers that suffered the most in the rubber plantations. The shopping off of hands being one of the more extreme examples.

    When the book "The Heart of Darkness" came out, which brought forward the atrocities being committed there, there was an international out cry. But other than that it happened to be a Belgian king that owned it, Belgium at the time really had nothing to do with the Congo Free State, so there was not much they could do about it. Yet as the international pressure continued, they finally confiscated the kings possession, replaced most of the European officials with Belgian ones, and renamed it to the Belgian Congo.

    Most people confuse these two periods. The Belgian rule was actually one of the better periods the Congo has known in what has been a bloody history past and present. While the Belgians made quite an effort to educate the Congolese, perhaps the biggest mistake they made was not preparing them earlier for independents. Things might have looked a lot different for the Congolese today.

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    Aisde from the deaths of thousands and thousands of the Natives who lived on the river? Belgium colonized Congo, for an identical reasons the different ecu countries have been carving up Africa. Lands and factors, subsequently Congo had rubber which on the time replaced right into a helpful source.

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    A rather pithy explanation of the basic events:

  • 9 years ago

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    But it was about rights to things like farming coffee, rubber and coco. It was all about money, to help run the Belgium empire.

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    Slavery or just world dominance, a puppet country that they "owned" as a dependent territory

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    Social Darwinism(a byproduct of liberalism).

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