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THE JUDGES in Europe UK and Canada etc have enacted hate crime laws: zero tolerance - Whites protected too ___?

THE JUDGES in Europe who have enacted hate speech and hate crime laws have done so at the highest level after years of intellectual and political debate and it has been concluded that attacking someone because of race or sexuality is akin to terrorism - they attackers are targeting a community.

Hate crime laws protect white males too - white people are a color therefore protected too. Why is it that the white hetero males are so vociferously against these laws that will afford them protection?

BQ: Do you think all people (including whites) should be protected by hate crime laws?

BBQ: What differentiates a hate crime from a non-hate-specified-crime?

Are the honorable ladies and gentlemen of the courts of the world remembering is alive and well in modern on GS??


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    White hetero males are more likely to be muzzled by such laws, wanting to spread their hate, but unable. For example, Blue Eyed Christian constantly whines about being muzzled by hate speech laws.

    BQ: Yes.

    BBQ: The intent.

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    Maybe white hetero males are more likely to have read George Orwell's 1984.

    BQ: There should not be hate crime laws at all. Not for acts of violence, which are already illegal, and certainly not for speech.

    BQQ: Nothing. If I savagely beat someone, the reason really doesn't matter. The person is still savagely beaten and I would deserve a prison sentence for it.

    I find it curious that you would claim laws against free speech to stop "hate" are a way to prevent something like Nazi Germany from repeating. Nazis were well known for their bans on free speech. It appears to me that fascism knows no color or creed and can infect anyone. Even gay people.

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    @ dark night


    and please stop stomping around in your jackboots giving nazi salutes it's giving me a headache

    @ JACK

    the majority of the people in the UK Europe and canada (for example) are white and don't want laws protecting minorities so one doubts if you are correct on that one you idiot!

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    Why the emphasis on the people that have to pander to the public to get re elected?

    How many accounts do you have anyway?

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