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Why St Lucia HasTwo Airports?

Why St Lucia HasTwo Airports?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The airport at Vieux Fort has been there for many years and it accommodates large jets.

    The airport at Castres has been able to handle only small jets but not the large ones due to the length of its runway . About 8 years ago, the St. Lucia government decided to extend the airport at Castres by pouring huge boulders and rocks into the water to extend the runway so that one day they will be able to handle large jets. Unfortunately the runway extension has taken years longer than forecast. In the meantime tourists had to take a van/taxi for two hours from Vieux Fort to the Castres area where the better hotels are - like the St. Lucian -our favorite. When the newer airport is finally complete it will cut down travel time on the narrow potholed roads and you'll be at your hotel in a jiff.We've been to St. Lucia 3 times. It's still our favorite Caribbean island (even though we've been to a dozen other islands).

    Source(s): 3 delightful stays in St. Lucia
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