why do supporters of illegals say any arrest of illegals erodes trust between illegals & Police supporters say?

why do supporters of illegals say any arrest of illegal erodes trust between illegals & Police supporters say this arrest has damage trust between illegals and police, what do you think ? Should illegals not be arrested , per supporters ?A federal judge has thrown out a $1 million discrimination lawsuit filed by Salvadoran native Roxana Orellana Santos against Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, two deputies and the Board of County Commissioners.

"I'm very pleased," Jenkins said Tuesday, hours after he learned of the move by U.S. District Court Judge Benson Everett Legg. "It's a huge decision."

Legg granted a summary motion by the defendants and ruled that Santos' Fourth Amendment and due process rights were not violated when she was detained Oct. 7, 2008, by sheriff's deputies Jeffrey Openshaw and Kevin Lynch near Evergreen Square on Buckeystown Pike, said Jenkins and Santos' attorneys.

Jose Perez, a lawyer with LatinoJustice PRLDEF who, along with immigrant advocacy group CASA de Maryland, represents Santos in the case, said he respectfully disagreed with the decision.

"We're still reviewing and digesting the court's decision in order to determine what steps, if any, we may take," he said.

Santos' lawyers have said she was eating lunch when the two deputies saw her, stopped their car and questioned her about her immigration status, even though she had broken no laws. Jenkins has said Santos tried to hide from deputies, which prompted a request for her identification. Deputies then learned Santos was wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on a deportation warrant, he said.

Perez and Santos' CASA attorneys have said the deputies -- encouraged by a 287(g) agreement between the sheriff's office and ICE that allows local law enforcement to enforce parts of federal immigration law -- overstepped their authority and improperly detained Santos, in part because of her race and ethnicity.

Jenkins reiterated Tuesday his statements that Santos' arrest had nothing to do with the 287(g) program and that the deputies were not discriminating against her.

Zorayda Moreira-Smith, a CASA staff attorney who represented Santos, said regardless of what steps she and other attorneys take in this case, she believes 287(g) and similar immigration enforcement programs -- such as Secure Communities -- create a climate of racial profiling and undermine local communities' trust in police.

why is it illegals are the only concern of supporters and they do take up trust between legal citizens and police, who allow illegals special laws ?

do whine if it is too long, move on.

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  • Rod
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    9 years ago
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    I've heard a lot lately about how the "trust" between illegal aliens and police is being eroded.

    Without even getting into the obvious issue of whether criminals should trust the police, let me ask a few questions I haven't heard anyone else ask:

    What about the trust a Citizen of the USA has in their police to enforce the law?

    What about the trust a Citizen of the USA has in their judges to uphold the law?

    What about the trust a Citizen of the USA has in their President and Congress to faithfully represent them as citizens?

    I am tired of hearing about the "rights" of illegal aliens! These people, by their very presence, demonstrate their contempt for the laws of the USA. We KNOW they are not law abiding. We KNOW it is illegal for them to work here - to get entitlements here - and yet those in "power" continue to mollycoddle them at GREAT expense to the US taxpayer (don't even start with how much they contribute: by now even the most mentally challenged know that for a lie).

    I want to hear about someone standing up for the Citizens rights. Every time a group of Citizens gets together to do something about this invasion, our Government tries to crush them. (Arizona, South Carolina, Alabama, etc) Does our Government now HATE its Citizens? Does our Government make war on its Citizens?

  • 9 years ago

    create a climate of racial profiling and undermine local communities' trust in police.

    This has got to stop. These activists they do not want illegals arrested or deported and wish for police to release them no natter what the crime is.Any crime an illegal does is wrote off, somebody else did it.Same thing as activists say document fraud has nothing to do with illegal immigration.Activists are turning American into a corrupted country, they want laws ignored, they want illegals to be above our alws, they want any illegal arrested given bail low enough, so he can skip his court date. Activists simply do not care about America.They want another Mexico and are working hard to achieve this goal.Why do activists want to alter the laws of this country so that anybody from Mexico is granted diplomatic immunity and free to walk away from any crime.

  • Mark
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    9 years ago

    The arrests of burglars tends to erode the level of trust between the police and burglars. Not really sure why there should be trust between criminals and cops.

  • KIZE
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    9 years ago

    Wanting criminals to report other crimes done to them but how many victims of illegals does it take before this nonsense stops!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They're related to the illegals.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    How else are we supposed to locate and deport illegals.

  • Annie
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    9 years ago

    Damn, shoot them all and be done with it. Stupid illegals...

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