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Why do I keep seeing a WR on the Bears "mock drafts"?

While a #1 WR is a definate need....since Darryl Drake has proven he can not develop one, and Cutler can not hit one if he is on his back continually. There is some high power WR available in the FA market. We need an impact player NOW...not in 3-4 years when Darryl Drake finally gets a rookie up to mediocre.

Championships are won on the line. LINEMAN LINEMAN LINEMAN first three picks.....look at a possible corner...and start adding depth. The reason we need Lineman in the first round is that we need not only players to add some depth, but players that can come in START AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE on day 1



Offensive or Defensive lineman....YES. There is a reason that FA comes BEFORE the draft. Once we see who is actually going to be available FA wise at the WR position....Phil Emery needs to do whatever necessary to land one of the big names. Anything less is unacceptable. We need line help badly and have since we overpaid for Cutler. (that is one of the reasons), we need not only playmakers, but also depth. Our focus needs to be the line this year...(should have been for the past several), with the exception of MAYBE a solid corner or TE

Next year we will need to address our aging linebacker corps.

Yes there were some shabby O lines out there...none were as bad as ours. Those that were bad had competent coaching staffs and they designed and implemented a scheme and a game plan to compensate....unlilke our idiots who play "this is what we do" football. I can't wait to see what Tice is able to do with his new line coach now that that IDIOT MARTZ is gone. Assuming L

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    You really excpect them to take offensive linemen in the 1st round? And there's no gaurantee that they're going to sign the big named free agent WR's. They could easily be outbid by another team. I'm sure they'll draft offensive linemen, but not in the 1st round. Trust me, there will be some good o-linemen by the 2nd or 3rd round.

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    The Packers won last year with a bad O-Line. The Giants won this year with a make-shift O-Line.

    So you saying "Championships are won n the line" doesn't really make sense. Both teams did have really good WRs though.

    It doesn't matter because Jay Cutler couldn't do anything with Marshall in Denver so why does anybody think he's a good QB?

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