I am trying to do a cornered rat quest in skyrim but...?

Delphine wont give me the quest and i killed dirge in the ragged flagon and i read that he is important for the quest last i cant go back before i killed him so i dont what to do also i have read that there is a spell to brink people back to life so plz help me

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  • 9 years ago
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    I also "accidentally" killed Dirge before finishing Diplomatic Immunity. The spell you are talking about is called Dead Thrall which basically revives any human and makes them your companion permanently- unless killed or banished. To get this you need at least a high level of conjuration- 90. Basically if you load a save before you actually finished the quest, you could use this to revive Dirge, go back to Delphine and she should give you the quest.

    Here's a quick way to level up your Conjuration skill.Use Bound sword whilst next to an enemy- make sure they are not able to attack you. When you conjure the sword, sheath it and repeat. You may need a high level of magic to do this or use Equilibrium (drains you health for magic). When you reach 90 in conjuration go to the College of Winterhold and see Phinis Gestor. After completing a quest for him he'll sell you Dead Thrall. The cost of using this is 620 magic!!! If you don't have this much magic you can glitch enchanted clothing (with added magic) to stack- basically you can wear more than one clothing. I got my magic from 250- 620 in 15 minutes.

    Here's a quick tutorial


    Youtube thumbnail


    Hopefully it works for you dude, I know how it feels... It's too late for me... all I can do is wait...

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  • 9 years ago

    Dude don't worry! If someone is needed for a quest than they can't be killed. Delphine should always give you the quest, look through the quests you already have. You probably have something else from her.

  • 9 years ago

    That's sad, since then, you may not accomplish this quest, but it does not influence the main quest. Just forget it!

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