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Cheap flight from Guatemala to St. John Island (Caribbean)?

My finance and I are planning a honeymoon. My brother lives in Guatemala City. We want to see him first for a few days, then hop a plane over to St. John. All the flights I've found go back thru Miami, if not some further north (making them expensive). I was wondering if there is an airline that maybe does cheap direct flights from Guatemala City (GUA) to Antigua and Barbuda (ANU). Can anyone help me out with this??

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    You don't know sh*t about how airlines work do you? There are NO DIRECT FLIGHTS on that route.. you will have to fly to a HUB.. in this case, in MIA and then take another flight to the USVI and then either a ferry boat or another flight to St.. John from St. Thomas... You people all want to do things YOUR WAY because you know so LITTLE about international travel.

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    you gotta get straight on what you mean by St John Island.

    St John is an island in the US Virgin Islands and you would fly to St Thomas, STT airport code St. Johns is the capitol of Antigua and Barbuda, , yes indeed ANU.

    Why would you think there would be a direct flight? How many people would take this flight if there was and how would any airline make any money running it?

    Yep, via Miami is probably the way you have to go.....whether you are going to Heaven or Hell, you have to change planes.............and they lose your Miami.

    So go plug your airline codes into any travel site and good luck.........if you end up getting routed through SanJuan PR, be aware that LIAT from SJU San Juan to ANU Antigua, the service is , er, unreliable......American Eagle from SJU is a whole lot better.

    Source(s): 37 years in the Caribbean
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