Help?need a name for book based off the holocaust?

This book is going to be about a 15 year old Polish Jew girl name Danuta Pawlak.her and her family is sent to the Warsaw ghetto. Then later on her mother is sent to Treblinka concentration camp where she is gassed while her,her 2 twin brothers and her father is sent to Auschwitz concentration camp

I stink at summaries but its basically gonna be about a Polish girl living in the ghetto and the concentration camps

I was thinking of the leading star but I need other names too for the book.this book is going to be a sad book full of emotion and sadness and death.

If you could come up with some great names that will be great.if there is anything in the book that should be related to the title please tell! I just need everyone opinions.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Holocaust

    The Ghetto

    The Dark Realm

    Little Girl Lost

    The Dark Child

    Inside The Ghetto

    Cannibal Holocaust

    Komodo's Reef

    The Broken Trail

    The Serpent's Trail

    Zion's Crossings

    Blackstone Crossings

    The Wrath of Evil

    In The Dense of Evil

    Dead Reckoning

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