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First time cherry pie recipe?

it would be my first time making a pie I have 2lbs of pit cherries I want to make a pie!

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  • 9 years ago
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    pie method #1!!

    go to store and buy pie crust and canned pie filling and forget about your pitted cherries!!

    pie method #2!!

    go to store and buy a pie crust. find cherry pie filling recipe at

    pie method #3!!

    make pie crust from finding it on and make cherry pie filling from recipe at same location

  • 9 years ago

    For a first time I'd use a store bought crust (frozen or refrigerated type). Wash the cherries. Pit them. Mix with sugar (how much depends on what type of cherries you have....sour cherries make the best pie but need a good bit of sugar. Sweeter cherries need less. I use tapioca for a thickener. Pour in pie shell. Add top a whole piece with slits in it or cut into strips and make a woven top (more traditional). Bake on a baking sheet because it could easily spill over and may a mess in the bottom other wise. Bake at 350....probably about a hour. Just keep an eye on it.Let cool a bit before serving it.....with or without ice cream.

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