What job opportunities are there with a degree or masters or PhD in Tax Law?

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    What Kinds of Tax Law Programs Award a Ph.D.?

    There are no Ph.D. programs in tax law; however, you can earn dual Juris Doctor (J.D.)/Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation or J.D./Master of Taxation degrees. Both programs require a bachelor's degree prior to enrollment and prefer accounting majors. If you have a 4-year degree in another field, you'll need to complete prerequisite coursework prior to enrolling in taxation courses.

    A dual-degree program is the most common way to receive legal instruction specific to practicing tax law. Master's programs in taxation teach you how research tax law, represent clients in tax court and comply with existing regulations. In the workforce, you can help clients deal with the taxation aspects of real estate transactions, sales, corporate organization and probate matters. The J.D. curriculum provides you with legal training and qualifications to sit for a state bar exam and become a practicing lawyer.

    What Do I Need to Practice Law?

    Before you practice law, you'll need to pass the state bar exam to become licensed in the state you plan to work. States may recognize experienced lawyers licensed in another state. Depending upon the nature of your practice or clients, you may also need to apply for admission to the bar of state supreme courts, U.S. circuit courts, U.S. appeals courts or the United States Supreme Court.

    If you plan on representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you'll need to apply to the IRS' Office of Professional Responsibility. This office administers an exam that establishes your competency in tax law. This exam is open to lawyers, certified public accountants and others who have technical Popular Career Options

    A Doctor of Juridical Science prepares individuals for careers in academia or professional research.

    Those specializing in tax law have the necessary training to find work in the following occupations:

    •Professor of tax law

    •Private researcher

    •Writer on tax law

    •Tax law consultant

    -expertise in tax law

    Careers in the Tax Business

    There are many career options in the tax field, including tax accounting, tax law, compliance enforcement, auditing and tax analysis.

    Career Opportunities

    Attorneys with a tax practice may do transactional work, tax controversy work, estate planning, employee benefits work, and work related to the special issues of non-profit organizations. Other careers in tax law may include positions with: the federal government, particularly the IRS, Treasury Department, Justice Department and/or the United States Tax Court; state government; private law firms; accounting firms; or as in-house counsel to a company

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