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Should I forget him and move on? so confused!!!?

This is quite long...

I am 15 years old and there is a guy i have a crush on, Panos

Two years ago we used to be really good friends.Then one of my girrl friends, Athina had told me she liked him and had asked my help. I started talking him about girls and relationships, we came closer and i realised him i wanted him. However i didint say anything to anyone. A few months after we stopped talking that much and i moved on.

Now athina told me she likes him again and she started talking with him. As we are best friends i started talking with him too and hanging out with him. Guess what! I want him soo much and while talking he told me that in the past when we were best friends he had a really big crush on me but he didnt do anything because he was afraid of rejection. Except from athina the problem is that girl Ann. She is kind of a slut and she is very good friend with Panos. Its obvious he likes her and I am so ******* jealous.

There is also James who likes me and he is cute but I am not sure (panos hates James)Another friend of mine had a crush on James :S But james wants to do something with him. What confuses me is that he hooked up with my friend about 10 days ago for a bet and now he said to his best friend he wants a serious relationship with me and stuff. Could that be true?cause he has not a good reputation about relationships...(my friend gave me her permission to do whatever i want with him)

What do i do? I hope for something with panos who i REALLY like or i do something with James?

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    It's obvious you are in love with Panos. You should ask him where you stand with him. James doesn't sound like bf material if his reputation in that area is not good. Stay away from James and look for someone called Jim (don't worry, won't make you a slut yourself)


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