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How come John L is still the general manager ?

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    The reason as to why John Laurinaitis is still the Interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw is because the WWE Board of Directors saw no real issues him in power. The Board of Directors announced on WWE's website yesterday at 10:00 that they saw no real flaws of John Laurinaitis running Monday Night Raw and that he presented his case very well to keep his job. They announced the following on the website."Following John Laurinaitis' presentation on Monday, the WWE Board of Directors has decided that the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations will remain as Interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw."

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    9 years ago

    I'm guessing that the WWE doesn't have anyone else for the job with the exception of Triple H, but it seems like he has his hands full dealing with The Undertaker. Vince McMahon will probably not be an on-screen character anymore. Stephanie may, but I highly doubt it. Shawn Michaels could, but I think he is enjoying retirement at the moment. Mick Foley could have another run at running Raw, but I am not sure. A Mick Foley vs. John Laurinaitis match might happen at Wrestlemania, but that is just a prediction by some people including myself.

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    it depends on storyline. I think he will leave his post next year.

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    Coz he wants to be

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