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Please Help me With my Psych: stats and Research Methods homework.?

1)providing information about the true purpose of a study as soon after the completion of data collection as possible is referred to as:

a. informed concent

b. debriefing


d. the anti-deception technique

2) information on the participants, measures, and procedures used in a study can be found in this section of an APA format paper:

a. discussion

b. introduction

c. results

d. method

3) making observations in a systematic manner to test hypotheses and refute or develope a theory is known as:

a. pulication

b. the principle of falsifiability

c. systematic empiricism

d. pseudoscience

4) the scientific approach involves using:

a. tenacity, public verification, and skepticism

b. systematic empiricism, public verification, and solvable problems

c. intuition, skepticism, and tennacity

d. superstition intuition, skepticism

5) when children are used as rsearch participants:

a. informed consent must be obtained from the parents or legal guardians

b. the issue of "risk" is not important

c. confidentiality does not matter.

d. informed consent is not necessary

6) the three goals of science are to:

a. describe, predict, and research.

b.describe, research, and explain

c. describe, predict, and explain

d. predict, explain, and research.

7) if participants are randomly assigned to conditions, then___ research is being conducted

a. experimental

b. case study

c. quasi-experimental

d. correlational

8)the ___ section provides an introduction to the problem, a review of previous research, and the rationale for the current study.

a. method

b. introduction

c. discussion

d. results

9) manipulate is to measure as ____ is to ____.

a. dependent variable; independent variable.

b. independent variable; dependent variable

c. negative correlation; positive correlation

d. positive correlation; negative correlation

10) the idea that a scientific theory must be stated in such a way that it is possible to refute or disconfirm it is known as the priciple of:

a. systematic empiricism

b. falsifiability

c. public verification

d. pseudoscience

11) the group of people who participate in the study is to ___ as all of the people about whom a study is meant to generalize are to ____.

a. population; sample

b. sample; population

c. positive correlation; negative correlation

d. negative correlation; positive correlation

12) _____ research is defined as research involving no more risk than that encountered in daily life or during the performance of routine physical or psychological examinations or tests.

a. high risk

b. minimal risk

c. moderate risk

d. no risk

13) mike pitched a great game on saturday and he believes that it is because he wore his lucky socks. he has now decided that he will wear these socks for every game of the season because he believes that they will make him lucky. this belief is based on:

a. science

b authority

c. superstition

d. rationalism

14) an ____ helps to determine whether participants are ___ or ____.

a. informed consent; debriefed; not

b. IRB;Debriefed; not

c. IRB ; at risk; at minimal risk

d. informed consent; at risk ; at minimal risk

15) all of these elements can be found on the title page of an APA format paper, except for:

a. authors name

b. class/ course name

c running head

d. Authors note

16) which would NOT be included in the introduction of a paper:

a. a statement concerning the purpose and rationale for the study

b. a description of the sample used and how it was selected

c. an introduction of the problem

d. a review of past research on the topic

17) the ____ is a very brief description of the entire paper.

a. introduction

b. methods

c. results

d. abstract

18) the group of participants that serves as the baseline in a study is to ___ group as the group of participants that recieves some level of treatment is to ____ group.

a. independent; dependent

b. experimental; control

c. dependent; independent

d. control; experimental

19) Random assignment is used exclusively in the ____ method

a. experimental

b. correlational

c. quasi- experimental

d. case study

20) in a study on the effects of sleep on driving performance, driving performance would be the:

a. dependent variable

b. independent variable

c. control group

d. experimental group.

thank you so much for helping out, i have sooo much to catch up on and i have gotten a little help yesterday and today i ask for the same! <3

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    ooo luv this sh*t! i promise my answers r correct, so no worries.

    1. b

    2. d

    3. c

    4. b

    5. a

    6. c

    7. a

    8. b

    9. b

    10. b

    11. b

    12. b

    13. c

    14. c

    15. d

    16. b

    17. d

    18. d

    19. a

    20. a

    Source(s): i've taken this class before, and many more like it. psychology honours major too lol.
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    You want us to do YOUR homework so you can get the grade that you didn't earn?

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