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Do you agree with Alabama banning food stamps for illegal aliens with anchor babies?

Illegal immigrants who have given birth in the US have been denied food stamps under Alabama's new immigration law, Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen told Yahoo News on Monday.

Five people have called into the group's Alabama hotline to say they were denied food stamps because they couldn't prove they were legal residents, even though the food stamps are for their children, who are citizens.

Cohen says the civil rights group, which has already filed two lawsuits against Alabama over the law, will most likely bring another suit over the denied food stamps.

The law makes it a felony for a government employee to engage in "business transactions" with illegal immigrants, which some government employees have interpreted very broadly. Illegal immigrants have been told they can't pay their utility bills or even their taxes because it would count as a "transaction" with the government, according to Cohen.

Barry Spear, a spokesman for Alabama's Department of Human Services, said in an email to Yahoo News that it is not the agency's policy to demand proof of citizenship from the guardians of Americans who need food stamps. "We are unaware of any violations of the policy," Spear said.

Several parts of the law have been temporarily blocked pending the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on whether the law is constitutional or not. But the "business transaction" prohibition, as well as a mandate for local police to ask for proof of legal status during stops, were left to stand. Some Republican lawmakers

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    Yes illegals need to be deported not supported

    Source(s): Paul Grass, PhD Level 7 YA user/if in doubt check the level out May God bless you ,the USA and may God keep us safe from the progressive axis of evil;0bama,Pelosi & Reid
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    Why doesn't AL require proof of citizenship? ALL states should do this. Illegal aliens are not entitled to food stamps just because their children are legal in theory. Personally, the 14th amendment was never intended to make everyone a citizen. That is just liberal hogwash that has taken root over the decades, not the original intention of our Constitution. I don't see how illegal parents can produce a legal child. Send the parents back and let them take their children with them, instead of protesting like a bunch of self-entitled leeches! Oh, yes, in the meantime, let them eat cake or starve.

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    They break our law by entering our country illegally. They then expect our tax dollars to feed them. Does Mexico government feed illegal US citizens, or give us free medicine or educate our children? NO. Then I do not see why my tax dollars should be spent to do it for them.

    If we stopped taking care of them, perhaps they could figure a way to make life better in their country rather than trying to take from our country. At the very least if they were not getting these benefits then there would less reason for them to come here.

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    Why should Americans pay for anyone who has come to America illegally and never paid a penny into our welfare system?

    I realize Liberalism is in decline, but should the rest America pay for Liberals trying to increase their numbers by importing welfare recipients?

    Should people be rewarded for breaking the law?

    Every other country enforces their immigration laws, should we be any different?

    Most importantly, how big of a deficit are we as a country going to accumulate before we realize, we are bankrupting ourselves?

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    Punishing those that are already here is useless. Immigration is a serious problem to this country, but at the same time, we cant overlook their contributions to the community. The best answer would be amnesty for those already here, followed with an extreme increase in border security.

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    There are here illegally = period. They should not get food stamps which should be reserved for the millions of LEGAL AMERICANS who are in desperate need of food stamps and welfare.

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    Ron Paul 2012

  • I fully support any legislation which makes life harder for illegal invaders and encourages them to self-deport.

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    I say throw every one of them out that's here with out the proper authority....

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    that is not enough, child services should take the kids, deport the parents.

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