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Are BMW cars cool? What do you think of BMW cars and electric cars?

Hey there, I’m interested in anyone’s opinion on BMW cars. Who do you think would typically drive a BMW? Would you ever consider a BMW as your choice of vehicle?

BMW are also currently developing electronic cars the BMWi series. If at all, would you wonder whether the capabilities of electronic fuel would jeopardise a BMWs speed and fun to drive factor?

Lastly, What are your thoughts on environmentally friendly vehicles? Do you think that electric vehicles can still retain a cool image?

Thanks a lot.

Checkout the link below to see the new Electric BMW vehicles:

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    i thnk bmw is awsome car but in my city it is usaly european people driving them i think ppl that drive them makes them look like they have alot of money since some bmw cars do not get good mpg but they are amazing cars but i do have an bmw 7 series it is so damn awsome they are some of the best cares ever

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    Firstly electric cars have a long way to go before the will be practical for j long journey cant comment on the bmw one yet as for bmw depending what you call cool i would look at 3 series coupe or drophead or the z3 and z4 am sure you would like them when buying one do find out about h the extras in short best make of car on the road in europe

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    Electric cars SUX if you havent watched TopGear than watch it and youll know what most people think about them.

    Two im a huge BMW fan and soon to be owner and i can say that its cool.

    There are alot of ways you can toon it.

    I preffer the E30 or E36 i dont find those new "Rounder" models attractive (unlike the frils :D)

    But its up to you.

    Now if you dont want a BMW i can tell you to either look at a Subaru Impreza WRX , Mitsubish EVO VII

    EVO VIII and EVO X or a VW golf 2-5!

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