Can I slowly start introducing milk to my 9 month old?

My cousin said with all her kids, she started to introduce cows milk under the age of 12 months. the only reason i'm asking if i can even attempt this is b/c we are very poor and really can't afford formula. granted, i found a very cheap one, its still way more than milk would be. my son eats non stop, alot of food and alot of formula. he abolutely refuses to drink juice. he puts up a very big fight and i've tried over a dozen times to give him it. every single day i try and try different kinds and brands. to no avail, he refuses it. he only wants that formula and regardless of how much food i feed him, he still wants 4oz. after. he drinks 10oz bottles almost every 2 to 3 hours. this is alot and he still wakes up once a night sometimes for some, he will NOT go back to sleep without it and since i haven't slept through the night barely in 9 months, i give in. he is a big baby and big on the charts. for months now, at my peds advice, i have been diluting the formula. she said he really only needs the volume not the calories. even with giving him less scoops, we go through 2 tubs in a week. this has to stop! this is why im asking about the milk. we really cant afford this. my husband and i are eating one meal a day just to afford to feed my 5 year old and get things for the baby. the government wont help us and i cant get a job to save my life! its very depressing. any suggestions?? i guess i have 2 questions in here, one about the milk and two for any advice on saving money or making things easier for us financially.


he has no teeth yet either, so i cant give him solids just yet, otherwise id be feeding this kid steak to satisfy him! lol

Update 2:

it is possible for the government to say we make too much money on paper and in real life, we barely can afford to eat. when WIC or any gov funded program looks to see if you qualify, they look at the gross income on your paycheck, which isnt fair. as of now we have one income. we have half of my hubs paycheck taken out from taxes to bankruptcy that by the time we get money, we are screwed. there is nothing we can do and will get more money in his pay when the bakruptcy clears but until then, we are really poor. according to the government we make too much. and THAT is horseSh%t. thats why people dont work and are on welfare. cause if they did, they wouldnt get benefits and they would be struggling like we are.

Update 3:

i was unable to breastfeed due to medications i had to be on. as far as the purpose of WIC, yes they tell you they will help kids and parents in need. again, when i went to file, they refused me. and we are talking about $100 we made "over" their guideline. So, no they don't care to help you if you cant afford it and don't meet their ridiculous criteria. its a scam. i have tried to get any help from the gov, they say no. its really screwed up.

Update 4:

and to the rude braod who keeps trying to bring me down, unless you are a doctor (something tells me you're not) you have no idea what meds are ok to use during breastfeeding and which ones arent. get off the soapbox.

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  • Pookie
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    8 years ago
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    You really should be asking your paediatrician this question.

    I introduced milk to my daughter at 10 months, I started for the first month on the formula that's for growing toddlers being introduced to Milk (I think it was enfamil brand) and right on the can it suggests mixing milk and formula.

    By 11 months my daughter was 100% on cows milk

    Although its cheaper, we can easily go through 3 huge jugs in a week (its about $20 a week in milk) PLUS my husband drinks 1% so we buy that too.

    The savings is very minimal in all honesty.

    Why not write an email or call all of the formula companies and ask for coupons and samples, lie and tel the companies your looking to switch brands and would prefer to "try" before you buy. Many of them would be more than happy to send you some cost saving coupons and free samples!!

    Dont know if your in the states or canada, but there are many coupon sites where you can order coupons online and they mail them to your house! Similac issues "cheques" as their form of coupons via mail if you call or email them (usually theres $10 + )

    Oatmeal is SUPER cheap, and your son doesn't need teeth to eat that. Get the oats in a large can and give him that each day, mix in a banana or another fruit to add some flavour.

    Rice cereal is fairly inexpensive (again email or call- Id suggest calling if you can its quicker) and all the companies are happy to send you samples and freebies.

    Lastly, make an appointment with your Dr and see if they can provide you with a few samples here and there (yes they do get samples!)

    If your having financial difficulties you need to contact your local family centre and see to it that you can food bank, register for some education classes or apply for grant funding so you can go to school and get a job to support yourself and your family.

    You owe it to baby to seek out every possibility and theirs no shame in making a million phonecalls to social service agencies and asking for help. If theres a will, there is a way.

  • Pippin
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    8 years ago

    If you are 'very poor' you are eligible for WIC. The purpose of WIC is to ensure that babies get sufficient nutrition, even if their parents can't afford it.

    And if you were 'very poor' when baby was born, why didn't you breastfeed. Breastmilk IS free. (And WIC would have offered support and advice for that too.)

    AND .. you need a better pediatrician -- you NEVER dilute formula. He's eating all the time because he's not getting enough to eat! (If he's "really" getting 5 ounces of formula every 2-3 hours, and is sleeping most the night, that's ... what ... 6-7 feeds? 35 ounces? Nowhere near too much.

    And he doesn't need teeth to eat solids.

    You are probably also eligible for food stamps and free school lunches for your 5 year old.

    EDIT: I think you need to find money for a tax consultant...

    Income cut-off for WIC for a family of 4 is 41,348/year. If you make 100 over that, with 2 kids, you are eligible for the EIC AND with 2 child tax credits, 4 general deductions of 3700 each and a standard deduction of 11,600 (I just did my taxes...), you should be paying virtually NO federal income tax ... certainly not 50%. (And yes, if you're making 41,000/year, you are making far more than you would get on welfare.)

    But ... at the end of the day, you chose to have children. You need to do whatever you have to do to find the money to feed them CORRECTLY ... and that doesn't mean whole milk instead of formula for a 9 month old.

    (Oh, and unless you were on chemotherapy when baby was born, or HIV meds, it's VERYunlikely that you were on any sort of medication that made breastfeeding impossible.)

  • Ellen
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    8 years ago

    Speak to your pediatrician about *beginning* to introduce milk now. But that does not mean that a steady diet of milk would be good for him. He needs formula, and it should NOT be over diluted.

    He does not need teeth to eat solids; I don't know why people think this. Cut part of your own meal into bite sized pieces and let him pick it up and eat it. And start getting information on WIC and /or other supplemental food programs for you and your children.

    I'm sure that you've heard this, and I'm not saying it to be judgmental, but really-if you can't afford formula, you could have been breastfeeding for all this time for free.

    Source(s): hospital IBCLC and mothers' group leader 20+ years mom to 3
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no. sorry. the trouble is that milk causes micro-bleeds of small intestines and the iron in the formula repairs it. Milk doesn't contain any iron so the bleeds remain. It's not usually fatal or life-threatening but it can be. How much food is he eating? It sounds like it's time to increase his solids. Babies don't need teeth to eat food. Put it in the blender and puree it, but by 9 months it can be more chunky. Steak's fine. Just put it in the blender. With some potato and peas or beans and some carrot.

    Edit: OK I understand you're not eligible for assistance, but seriously, you need to feed your child. Find something to cut out of your budget, but you can't keep cutting his food out. Formula isn't food. It's NOT volume he needs, it's calories and nutrients. And at this age, especially if he's a big baby he needs solid food for his digestive system and immune system. It wouldn't be much different to asking you to drink nothing but milk and have no food. It wouldn't take long for you to get very sick and permanent damage to begin. He's no different.

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  • 8 years ago

    If your barley getting by on your husband salary are you sure you havent looked into wic or the snap program? But I would not start introducing whole milk, but if you really want to make sure it's okay ask your pediatrician he will know best for your baby he may okay it since you said your son is so big

  • Sunny
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    8 years ago

    nope, a baby's digestive system cannot handle cow's milk until 12 months. you have to keep giving formula even though it's expensive. it's a shame you didn't breastfeed. that's free, and it's healthiest for your baby.

    if you're that poor, look in to public assistance, WIC covers formula.

  • 8 years ago

    Take real milk and mix it with a little bit of formula to get him used to it and the same thing with the juice just mix some with milk

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