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What literary terms are in the poem?

What poetry literary terms are in the poem Eulogy for a Hermit Crab by: Pittianna Rogers and where are they located in the poem?


@Michele not tryin to be rude but this is the only poem i need help on i have troubles in my brain im not going to go into detail i just need a little help on this last problem so be careful what you say to some people cause u might not know why there on here and its not a home work problem its a problem i have been asked

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    Pattiann Rogers mostly used alliteration and repetition throughout the poem.

    Alliteration: "salty slough holes", "entire expanse", "glittering grey", "single spotlight", "spume and spray", "life long", "proper praise",


    "Of the sun went spinning and spinning and spinning"

    "Circling your silver case night after night after night"

    "Of your hinter body, by the unrelieved wonder / Of your black-pea eyes, by the unrelieved wonder"

    "Your name intact exactly, day after day after day."

    Rogers also uses a simile in comparing the crab to a worm.

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