Can a foreigner get a United States drivers license?

I have an uncle who's visiting for a while. He says he's trying to get a drivers license.

He's been here two months, doesn't have the money for it, was waiting for his brother in SPain to send him some money(hasn't happened yet) and he still thinks he can get it.

To me it's pretty much a done deal. At this rate he's not getting a drivers license not at this rate. But I still have some questions.

1. Is it possible for a foreigner to get a U.S. drivers license?

2. Is it true that U.S. drivers licenses can be used all over the planet? and

3. I'm pretty sure he's gonna have to go back to Nigeria and try again some other time for the license.(if possible) What is the proper procedure to getting the license AS a foreigner?(if NO for #1, then don't answer this.

Thank you.


Ooops I forgot details.

He's Nigerian

I beleive he has a Nigerian license but he doesn't have it with him currently.

We're in Illinois.

Update 2:

I forgot some details again sorry guys.

I live in Illinois and for Illinois you do NEED to take the physical driving test with a car, that has a license and insurance. We don't have a working car, No license and No insurance right now. :-(

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    First off, there is no such thing as a "United States drivers license". The United States does not issue drivers licenses. Each of the 50 States and the various territories and districts issues their own drivers licenses.

    Now, as to "Can a foreigner get a (for example) California drivers license, or a Texas drivers license?", the answer is yes, he can. He must, however, be able to prove that he is legally present in the USA as either a permanent or temporary resident.

    I cannot imagine, also, why your uncle would need to wait for money from Nigeria to get a drivers license - the license fee in my State is only $31, and most other States are in the same ballpark range as to price.

    In 'most' places around the world (including the US) you can drive on a foreign drivers license so long as you are a genuine visitor. If you become a resident you need to get a local license. Were your uncle, for example, to return to Nigeria, he would need to get a Nigerian drivers license. If he was visiting England for a few weeks, he could drive there on his US license (Or his Nigerian license)

    The procedure for getting a license is the same whether you are an American or a foreigner. You go to the agency that issues them in your State, show proof of identity and legal presence in the US, pay the fee, and do a written test and an eye exam. Depending on State law and if you have a valid foreign license at the time, you may also have to take a physical test on the roads.


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    Some States allow foreigners to get driving license, check your local DMV its different with every State.

    Most required the person to be a resident, sometimes its as little as one month.

    US driver licenses can be used in most countries temporary, just like any other international driving permit. Its not just limited to the US though, just about any other country driving permit is also valid.

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    If he has a valid drivers license in his home country then he CAN drive here with that so long as it is valid and not expired. The same rules almost always apply when American's travel abroad. We can drive in their country so long as we have a valid US license. He must carry it with him when he drives, just like we do, in case he gets pulled over.

  • You must be a legal resident of a state in order to get a D/L.

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