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Should I forget him?????????????????????????????????

I am 15 years old and there is a guy i have a crush on, Panos

Two years ago we used to be really good friends.Then one of my girrl friends, Athina had told me she liked him and had asked my help. I started talking him about girls and relationships, we came closer and i realised him i wanted him. However i didint say anything to anyone. A few months after we stopped talking that much and i moved on.

Now athina told me she likes him again and she started talking with him. As we are best friends i started talking with him too and hanging out with him. Guess what! I want him soo much and while talking he told me that in the past when we were best friends he had a really big crush on me but he didnt do anything because he was afraid of rejection. Except from athina the problem is that girl Ann. She is kind of a slut and she is very good friend with Panos. Its obvious he likes her and I am so ******* jealous.

There is also James who likes me and he is cute but I am not sure (panos hates James)

What should I do?

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    too much drama !

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