Views about corruption?

What are your views about corruption. :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Our Corruption stems from a select few, having TOO MUCH POWER and Control.

    We could end the Lobbying, Special Interest SPACS, and Congressional Corruption very easily.

    First ask yourself WHY Unions, Corporations, Charities, States all LOBBY and Donate so Heavily to Congress?

    The Answer: Because those 535 People are all powerful and have CONTROL.

    If they did not have so much POWER, people would not spend $Billions$ to curry Favor.

    Here is what I'd initiate to Curb the Power, thus Reducing the Control, and basically Eliminating the things that cause corruption:

    1) Require States to Pay the Salary, Retirement,Travel and Living Expenses, and Staffing Needs of their own US Senators and Representatives in the House. (They could not set their own pay and benefits that way)

    2) All Legislators can NEVER vote to "Exempt" themselves from any Law they Pass. For Example, healthcare and Insider Trading (both of which they exempted members of Congress from having to comply)

    3) Same Term Limits as the President. If you sit out a Term and Run again and your Constituency wants you back you can do 2 more Terms, then sit again. It will Stop Politicians from Making it a Career Choice, rather than Public Service.

    4) Turn over Control and Funding of the Dept. of Ed, EPA, Dept of Commerce, Health and Social Services, Land Management, Parks, etc Back to the States to Operate as they deem appropriate for their Respective States. IF Congress did not have CONTROL of Purse Strings, they would not be such a BIG, Corrupt Target for Lobbyists and Contributors.

    5) Lastly, Citizens and Corporation can ONLY donate to the Campaign of Individuals that Represent the District in which you LIVE and/or Work. Why should Liberal Unions in New York be Giving Millions of Dollars to a Democratic Senator for Alaska? ONLY one Reason and it's NOT Honorable.

    These simple fixes would change our whole way of "Operating." It would inspire Leadership Rather than Control. It would save $100's of Billions of $$$ in pet projects and Destroyed Wealth during elections. And eliminate the "necessity" to bribe Congress to get anything done.


  • Nelson
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    9 years ago

    Karl Marx once said that democracy was doomed to failure as soon as the proletariat (his word for 'voters') realized that it could vote favors for itself.. Our present corruption, on the Left, consists of teachers, policemen and auto workers (for example; there are many others) voting politicians into offices of authority then receiving monies and other favors. They then use those monies to help the obliging pols back into office. On the Right, the bankers, stockbrokers, and many others are wealthy enough to contribute directly to pols. who will react favorably to their needs.

    Democracy does not cause corruption DEMOCRACY IS CORRUPTION---that is the real tragedy.

    A very unlikely man showed the way out----"get back to where you once belonged"; return to being a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. There, the people have a check on their rash excesses, such as the electoral college once was.

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