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What is les cheveux raides and il est porte boucles d'oreille in masculine?

I'm trying to say:

He is wearing earrings. I know that il est = he is (because our french teacher told us.) and Je porte les boucles d'oreille = I wear earrings. Would the masculine of raides be raid? and would the masculine of porte be port?

Thanks for help anyone :)

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    Il a les cheveux raides et il porte des boucles d'oreille.

    "Is wearing" translates to a simple present in French. The third person singular present tense of the verb 'porter' is "il porte".

    "Raide" is the same for masculine and feminine, but it must be plural to go with "cheveux".

    Conjugated verbs in the present tense do not have a masculine form, and adjectives agree with the noun they modify, not the gender of the person who is wearing the earrings.

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    The verb "porter" doesn't have a gender in that conjugation : "Il porte des boucles d'oreille." Only the past participle needs a gender.

    "Raides" in "les cheveux raides" only follows the gender of the word "cheveux", not of the person spoken about.

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