Drug usage of DMT and LSD trips?

Drug usage of DMT and LSD trips?

Want to know whats the difference between their trips? have anyone tried both? which is more intense? whats the psychological affect on perceptions after the trip and can anyone share their experience regarding both of them.


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    9 years ago
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    First let me say this: LSD is NOT a visual trip. It's a trip inside your own head. Can visuals occur? Of course. But it's not going to be "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". All of that "psychedelic art" is not what you'll see with LSD, it's just things that are interesting to look at while on LSD. Your vision will certainly be different, but "impaired" isn't even applicable most of the time, as your vision just feels more "crisp" and clear, and there's more of an emphasis on how close or far objects are (in other words, nearby objects seem to "pop" whereas background objects seem to be much less noticeable, like the background at a play.

    DMT, however, is a VERY different experience. LSD is certainly intense, one of the most intense drugs you can take. But when you take a tab of LSD, you've got 45 minutes to a couple hours before it starts to kick in. DMT, when smoked, hits instantly and in a somewhat terrifying manner; before you take the hit, you're just sitting in a (hopefully) familiar place. But when you've taken that hit...now you're off flying through space trying to avoid hitting asteroids. Then you're off talking to elves in an enchanted forest, when suddenly the forest lights on fire and the elves turn into demons. Then, before you can react to that, you're swimming with fish or flying like a bird.

    DMT is 100% visual, and gives you what is called an "out of body experience". The exact trip you have will vary greatly, but that's about what you can expect from it. It'll put you on your *** and keep you there until it's done with you, and while you might live for years under its influence, you'll return to find that only 10-15 minutes have passed. LSD lasts for up to 12 hours, but generally it'll last for around 8. LSD is a great tool if you want to get to know yourself better and generally just have a new experience that you cannot understand until you have it. DMT is great if you're comfortable in your own skin, capable of facing yourself without fear and you're looking for an intense ride that will leave you exhausted.

    LSD is much easier to find than DMT, as most DMT smokers produce their own rather than buying it. If you come across "DMT" that's orange in color, it's not pure DMT and will be incredibly harsh and foul tasting. Pure DMT tastes like burning plastic (not kidding), and the reason impure DMT is orange is due to excess plant fat not being removed. So now instead of just burning plastic, you've got burning plastic combined with burning plant fat.

    Anyway, that's my breakdown of the two substances. LSD, while being incredibly intense, is good for a long day with a friend or two. DMT is the kind of thing that very few people have an interest in, and most of them that take it will never want it again.

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    6 years ago

    Why would they never do dmt again after taking it?It sounds pretty amazing,are there any long term effects?

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