Are illegal Mexicans using food stamps?

I thought they were only here for work and that only lazy white americans use food stamps?

Some U.S.-born children with parents who are illegal immigrants have been denied food stamps under Alabama's new immigration law, Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen told Yahoo News on Monday.

Five people have called into the group's Alabama hotline to say they were denied food stamps because they couldn't prove they were legal residents, even though the food stamps are for their children, who are citizens.

Cohen says the civil rights group, which has already filed two lawsuits against Alabama over the law, will most likely bring another suit over the denied food stamps.

The law makes it a felony for a government employee to engage in "business transactions" with illegal immigrants, which some government employees have interpreted very broadly. Illegal immigrants have been told they can't pay their utility bills or even their taxes because it would count as a "transaction" with the government, according to Cohen.

Barry Spear, a spokesman for Alabama's Department of Human Services, said in an email to Yahoo News that it is not the agency's policy to demand proof of citizenship from the guardians of Americans who need food stamps. "We are unaware of any violations of the policy," Spear said.

Several parts of the law have been temporarily blocked pending the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on whether the law is constitutional or not. But the "business transaction" prohibition, as well as a mandate for local police to ask for proof of legal status during stops, were left to stand. Some Republican lawmakers say they want to amend the law this year, while a coalition of Democrats is trying to repeal it entirely.

Illegal immigrants are prohibited from accessing most welfare benefits, including food stamps, non-emergency Medicaid and cash welfare programs. Their children, if born in America, can access welfare programs as citizens. (The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that about 4.5 million American citizens under 18 years old have at least one undocumented parent.)

Last month, Kansas kicked more than 1,000 mixed-status families off its food stamp program when it joined three other states in adopting a stricter food stamp eligibility policy. A low-income family of five made up of two undocumented parents and three citizen children now has to show that its income is close to the poverty level for a family of three--not a family of five--in order to access food stamps. This is intended to prevent illegal immigrants from benefiting from food stamps, but immigration advocates say it will leave citizen kids hungry.

The Justice Department has sued Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina and Utah over laws that crack down on illegal immigrants, saying they interfere with the federal government's control over immigration. The Supreme Court will hear arguments over Arizona's SB1070 beginning on April 25.

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    Actually, many of the claimed "US-born children" of illegal aliens are in fact child-identity theft children. Parents steal US children's identities to obtain food stamps, welfare, & other taxpayer-paid benefits, while they work using the stolen SSN, obtain credit, etc. By some calculations, as many as half of the claimed "US-born" children of illegal alien parents who receive welfare & other benes are in fact identity-theft childen.

    And why should income guidelines include people not legally present so that they can get more food stamps & benes? Lawbreakers are simply milking citizen-taxpayers dry.

    BTW, children of illegal aliens have a right to citizenship in their parents' country of citizenship. They are not "US citizens." They are dual nationals with a right to passports from their parents' country, and residence there with their parents. Why should US citizen-taxpayers provide for citizens of another country who are violating US laws? There's plenty of charity and various forms of aid going to so many of these countries. And parents need to take responsibility for their children, and take them home with them.

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    5 years ago

    Hey StephanG,,, that isba bold face lie. Google food stamp recipients by state and check your info.Add the number of food stamp recipients up for California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and New York and you'll have as many as ALL red states combined.

  • 9 years ago

    Illegals are repeating what they did in mexico, too many kids not enough income to support them. They come here have kids they cannot afford to support and turn to taxpayers to furnish everything for their child for 18 years. States are going broken,they have deficits, thousands are being laid off. Illegals think we have an endless supply of money and think we should pay for everything.These same illegals want the dream act and they cannot afford to provide enough income to support their families, they certainly will not be able to pay in state tuition, if illegals were all to get drivers licenses, we would see they cannot afford insurance.

    What happens when illegals work for very low wages, it all catches up with them and suddenly they need more income.This is why they left Mexico, not sure where they will next go, when we are broke and cannot provide any further support.

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  • Kini
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    9 years ago

    There are many nationals from south of the border who come into the U.S. illegally for work, not only Mexican but Central and South American and from all over the world. The only way to get food stamps if you are illegal is to use the I.D. of somehow who is here legally or to get fake I.D. The social service system cannot always find out about the cheaters because the system is too big.

  • Jan
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    9 years ago

    Of course they are. They say they only get food stamps for their US born children, but they are eating the food too. Can't tell me that they only use the food stamps to feed their children and use their own money to buy food for themselves.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    If they have children that were born here than yes they are using food stamps.

    They are using food stamps for their babies and such. At least,they can not get anything outside food with food stamps such as cat food or beer or such.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, they get the crackhead whites or blacks to use their foodstamp, to buy food, and pay them for half the price.

  • 9 years ago

    I'm half mexican and let me tell you this, food stamps or not there will always be food at a mexicans familys table.

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    Didn't your cut and paste job answer your question?

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