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Why does my friend give bad pregnancy advice and tell me my lifestyle will cause me to have a stillborn?

So my friend keeps giving me bad advice? Advice I didn't ask for! How can I tell her I don't wanna hear her nag anymore?

I have had an easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no aches or pains, no weight gain and I worked up until week 34 as a full time cleaner/kennel attendant. Pregnancy seems to really suit me. Hopefully the next will be the same. I have never felt more fit and happy in my life. My husband works long hard hours so I happily do all the housework. In exchange he gives me pregnancy foot rubs and buys me flowers and gives me all the money. My friends pregnancy she didnt work, lived with her parents, didn't do any housework and only ate chicken snitzels, ice-cream, blue vodka cruisers,smokes and chocolate. I on the other hand don't smoke or drink and have a protein rich diet that is very varied as I'm a bit of a culinary whizz and love trying new foods.

She has told me that there is a chance I will have a stillborn?? Apparently I should stop doing all housework, having sex with my husband, walking the dog up to the train station to meet my husband after work, stop cooking dinner, stop putting makeup on before my husband comes home from work and just wear my pajamas from the night before and just sit around her house or in bed. She says I've probably already damaged the baby from working during pregnancy.She also keeps saying that my baby shower which is already planned for my house will be at her house saying it's too much for me to set up. (I'll be having a French country themed garden party using my collection of fine bone china teacups and fancy little foods) I really don't want it at her house as its quite dirty and doesn't have a backyard. She's already brought all these plastic cups n plates and banners and all that's really not my taste at all. All the invites have already been sent out and she wants to resent ones changing the address to hers. How can I tell her that I find pregnancy very easy and don't need to be wrapped in cotton wool?


I'm still really horrified that she snapped at me n said I was going to "kill the baby" that's a really horrible thing to say. Is she going nuts or something? Grr think I'll avoid her from now on

Update 2:

I'm not really sure what the person talking about my ex is trying to say. I think you got the dates wrong or did I write the wrong date? I had a horrible ex that was very mean to me (well two actually. (1 a scammer I met on oasis that emptied my accounts and took my lapband surgery money and 2 some weirdo that told his mum he was single for years even thou he clearly wasn't) I love my husband very much, we got married after only months of dating and pregnant really quickly. I at the begining of our relationship ( although I'd never tell him this) struggled alot as I repeatedly saw my psycho ex around my town and was seething with hatred and anger. But im fine now. As we moved and I have learnt to stop hating someone who was clearly mentally Ill and couldn't help his actions. And Im a qualified vet nurse who works in my families veterinary surgery/dog boarding facility but all I do is clean pretty much cos dogs are really messy. I call it industrial cleaning cos it's

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  • Tyla
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    She's a twat. Sounds like the worst thing your doing is putting up with unnecessary stress from her. Next time she comes around tell her your avoiding bull shtt for the health of the baby. You will most likely have an incredibly easy delivery and recovery thanks to your active lifestyle and healthy eating habbits. Your baby sounds like it will also grow up in great home. Don't be bothered by her nonsense.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Im confused you work as an industrial cleaner and at the kennel?

    And you resent your ex who you were with for 3 years and only broke up with 10 months ago?

    Im so sorry you have such a confusing life!

    Tell your friend its your baby your pregnancy you will do as you see fit, your baby shower should be where you want it. Dont let her bully you, if she wont stop tell her to take a run and jump.

    People always give their opinions when not needed or wanted during pregnancy and with kids but she's going to far!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    She is teaming with jealousy in my opinion. Obviously its not good to strain your belly but if the things you are doing causes no strain then you are fine. My mother was in athletics and did not know she was pregnant with me until; month 6, she played baseball,soccer and basketball and I turned out fine, not to mention she actually lost weight when she had me! I am not saying to go crazy but I think the level of exercise you are getting is okay. Try to leave heavy lifting or bending too far over for your husband just in case. You should be fine. Next time your friend nags tell her that you are healthy and happy, her pregnant lifestyle was irresponsible and lazy and she has no room to offer her crappy advice.

    Don't worry about hurting her feelings.YOU are the pregnant one. Some women only get to do this once and if you don't want to use cheap cups or her dirty house then let it be known.

  • 8 years ago

    Omg ive never heard so much bs in my life... U can do housework...just not lift anything to heavy ...i mean u know that..seems like u know what ur talking about.i did all the housework in my first two preg and am doing the same with my third...just dont breathe in any of the fumes wada wada wada sorry i know shes ur friend but seems like she has abs no clue and needs to b told so...dont sugar coat it too much or she might not get the point...besides telling u u might have a stillborn..... Not sure i would have handled that too well..glad no ones said that to me...find that very offensive and downright rude...if shes so worried about u and ur housework give her the vacume cleaner and sponge next time she comes over...

    Dont mean to be mean but thats just WOW

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    Three quarters of all pregnancies end without any human interference. The first poster is a holier-than-thou prat who should take a long walk off a short pier. So no, if there is a god, he is absolutely not pro-life.

  • justme
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    8 years ago

    explain to her that youve discussed your daily life with your doctor and he said what youre doing is perfectly safe and fine, also that your baby is healthy,

  • Rita
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    8 years ago

    Don't answer your cell phone anymore and block her texts. She is toxic.

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