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is sulfur hexafluoride non polar or polar?

and how can you determine whether any molecule is polar or non polar? do the factors include the molecular formula, lewis structure, shape, and/or bong angle, etc? please explain as clearly and as much as possible, thank you!


Also, where the polar arrows are on the hexafluoride lewis structure diagram, and how you would put arrows on other molecules

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  • 8 years ago
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    SF6 is non polar. While each S-F bond is, by itself, highly polar, since the molecule is arranged in an octahedral geometry the polarity of each bond exactly cancels. This may make a little more sense if you look at the structure.

    This is the same reason why CH3Cl is polar, but CCl4 is non-polar. In the first case, the more polar C-Cl bond is not canceled out by the relatively non-polar C-H bonds. In the second, the net effect is as if there was no polarity to the molecule at all.

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