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When did the federal reserve take control of the US monetary system?

Shouldn't the U.S. dollar have U.S. Department of Treasury on it, instead of Federal Reserve.

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    The dollar does have Department of the Treasury on it.

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    Iraqisax above me mentioned it appropriate. it extremely is criminal. Why does any crime ensue? usually GREED! Gotta luv a number of those different posters who use fed web content as factors for their solutions. LMAO. isn't that kinda like the fox guarding the henhouse? guy I purely don't get it why some peeps seem to grasp around the internet trolling for possibilities to bounce in and look after their loving and benevolent federal reserve. Who of their magnificent techniques defends the fed extremely those days with all that has transpired those days? understanding what the fed has accomplished to this u . s . for the previous a hundred years you are able to desire to not pay me adequate for a activity like that. Heck, i might hunch to being editor of a junk technology rag magazine like like prevalent Mechanics earlier spending a single 2nd protecting the fed.

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    1913 and yes the tresaury shoul have control of or money

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