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What is the most powerful nuclear weapon the usa has?

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    The B53 nuclear bomb had a yield of 9 megatons. The last B53 was dismantled in October 2011.

    The B61 nuclear bomb is the most powerful bomb we have currently in service. It has a variable yield of 300 to 340 kilotons.

    The W88 warhead has a yield of 475 kilotons. The W88 has the highest yield of all American warheads and is the most advanced. It was designed for use with the Trident D5. The Trident D5 can carry either 4 W76 warheads(100 kt) or 4 W88(475 kt) warheads. Each W88 warhead has twenty times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

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    You answered your own question. a Nuclear Ballistic Missle aka a 'Nuclear Weapon'... lol...

    Source(s): US Navy.
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