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Medical School that also teaches architecture?

My best friend and I wanna go to the same school right out of high school. We're only sophomores and wanted to start looking. Is there any med/premed schools that also teach architecture??? we live in Indiana and wanna stay in the general area. If you can't think of one in the area, post any one you know of! Thankss:)))

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  • 8 years ago
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    As an undergraduate, you need to take premedical courses (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) which you can do at almost any major four year university.

    Ball State (public) and Notre Dame (private) are the only places to study architecture in Indiana. If you do not mind going out of Indiana to a nearby state, you have more choices, including the Ohio State University, Kent State, Miami (Oxford, OH), U. Cincinnati, U. Kentucky, U. Illinois, U. Michigan, U.Illinois Chicago and several more. See the College Board web site.

    For medical school, students usually complete a four year bachelor's degree before starting medical school (another four years).

    To become a registered architect, you would have to have about six years of education, a bachelor's (four or five years) and a master's (one or two years) and three or more years of work experience.

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  • 8 years ago

    When you are an undergraduate, you might be in a pre-med program. You graduate from a four year college and then go to medical school. Most universities that have an architecture program will also have a pre-med program. You can apply to medical school later.

    You friend may want to consider that the academic discipline with the least liklihood of finding employment after graduatuation is architecture. Additionally, even if they find a job, their salary will be about the lowest of any profession.

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