What are some examples of civil service jobs?

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    The majority of the positions within the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) are covered by the civil service merit system of employment, which requires job candidates to participate in competitive examinations in order to qualify for employment. The State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) is responsible for conducting examination programs for civil service positions when there is an anticipated hiring need.

    Each month, the Commission publishes a "Summary of Civil Service Examinations," which lists examination programs that are open for testing to fill jobs in DPW and other state agencies. Some job titles are open continuously for testing, while others may only open for a window period each year or two. A copy of the "Summary of Civil Service Examinations" is available by accessing the SCSC Web site and selecting "Job Opportunities," or by obtaining a paper copy from any SCSC or agency recruitment office. For each open exam program, there is an exam announcement. Exam announcements can be obtained from the SCSC Web site or any SCSC office. Exam announcements provide information about the job duties, requirements, job opportunities, and testing.

    Civil service employment opportunities are available for unskilled and skilled workers, high school graduates and college graduates with associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. In many cases, there are multiple ways to qualify for civil service job titles, such as experience, training or a combination of experience and training. For a complete listing of job titles by college degree, visit the SCSC Web site and select "Jobs for College Graduates." There are also listings of "Jobs for Skillful Hands" and "Jobs for High School Graduates."

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    Examples Of Civil Service Jobs

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    What are some examples of civil service jobs?

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    Many civil service jobs have identical positions in the private sector, the difference is that in the private sector, the aim is profit, while in civil service, it's making a paycheck. And as much as some would have you believe otherwise, a lot of us actually take a lot of pride in saving taxpayer dollars.

    Many civil service workers are involved in contracting. For instance, there aren't enough uniformed people to provide services to the military, and not enough civil service people either, so a large number of civil service people are involved in contracting for medical services. Contracting is a huge operation because of all the rules.

    There are people involved in logistics, as in getting supplies and material to where they are needed, people who process passports, social security checks, all sorts of stuff.

    People complain about civil service workers, but if they were suddenly all gone, people would realize just what they do.

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    Parking warden (depends where you come from)

    Lawyer for prosecution


    Immigration officer

    Aviation security officer

    Customs Officer

    Border Patrol Officer (If you are a yank)

    Alcohol tobacco and Firearms Officer (If a yank)

    Immigration Customs Enforecement Officer



    Politician (often overlooked)

    President (Often overlooked)

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    if you work for NHS are you a civil servant

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