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19. What are Upton Sinclair and Lincoln Steffens known for doing?

(Points : 3)

forming alliances that helped farmers with their credit problems

serving as mayors of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia

founding progressive organizations in the late 1800s

exposing corruption in business or government

20. Who investigated and reported John D. Rockefeller's corrupt business practices at Standard Oil?

(Points : 3)

Evangeline Booth

Florence Kelley

Ida M. Tarbell

May Anderson

21. Which midwestern governor served as a progressive model for other governors by implementing the "Wisconsin Way?"

(Points : 3)

Robert LaFollette

Tommy Thompson

Julius Heill

Albert G. Porter

22. Which was one reform of the Progressive movement?

(Points : 3)

elimination of recall elections

conservation zones within cities

election of mayors instead of hiring city managers

direct election of U.S. senators

23. Which proposal would Theodore Roosevelt and his "New Nationalism" oppose?

(Points : 3)

inheritance and income taxes

conservation and national parks

less restriction on corporations

workers' compensation laws

24. Which was part of Woodrow Wilson's "New Freedom" agenda?

(Points : 3)

the elimination of monopolies

the formation of the United Nations

the reduction of farm subsidies

the implementation of the Food and Drug Act

25. What was Theodore Roosevelt's political party affiliation?

(Points : 3)

Free Soil


Republican and Progressive

Progressive and Whig

26. What was a major reason for the cycle of debt and poverty most sharecroppers experienced despite their hard work?

(Points : 3)

Sharecroppers had to buy everything from the landowners who charged exorbitant prices.

Landowners never made enough money to cover the costs of a sharecropping operation.

There was not enough land available for the number of people who wanted to be sharecroppers.

Sharecroppers and landowners lacked the equipment and fertilizer to make a profit.

27. Which was not something that promoted segregation and limited the rights of blacks?

(Points : 3)

crop liens

Jim Crow laws

poll taxes

literacy tests

28. What was significant about the 1896 Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson?

(Points : 3)

It outlawed segregation since facilities for blacks were not really equal if separate.

It determined that blacks could vote as long as they had registered in advance.

It approved segregation as long as blacks had "separate but equal" facilities.

It determined that a majority vote could exclude blacks from exercising their civil rights.

29. What was one of Booker T. Washington's important achievements?

(Points : 3)

becoming the first black congressman

founding the NAACP

founding the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute

becoming the first black president of the University of Alabama

30. Which was not an achievement of W.E.B. Du Bois?

(Points : 3)

first African American to earn a Harvard Ph.D.

along with others, helped form the NAACP

helped launch the Niagara Movement to end segregation

first African American to appear before the Supreme Court

31. Who founded the United ***** Improvement Association that stressed the need for black-owned businesses?

(Points : 3)

Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Marcus Garvey

Robert Johnson

Tony Brown

32. Which was a philosophy of early women suffrage leaders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony?

(Points : 3)

include men in their organization and have them advocate for women's suffrage

bar men from membership in their organization and gain immediate women's suffrage

gain voting rights at the state level first and then move on to federal rights

agree to limit women's employment opportunities in exchange for suffrage

33. What strategy did Carrie Chapman Catt employ to promote women's suffrage?

(Points : 3)

an emphasis on achieving suffrage in her home state of Iowa first

a national demonstration of strength on the Fourth of July

a flexible state-by-state strategy

a letter writing campaign to every member of Congress from every state

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    19) d

    20) c

    21) a

    22) c

    23) c

    24) a

    25) c

    26) a

    27) a

    28) d

    29) c

    30) c

    31) c

    32) d i think

    33) c

    i hope tht helps :), good luck

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