Has anyone have tried the Bullzeye Marketing System?

I started my own home based business with a telecommunications company. I tried to recruit people I know to my business but no one wants to join. So I decided to search online to find information to how to recruit other people. The website bullzeyemarketing.com says that it shows how to find prospects online. Does this system really work?

The books and disks cost a total of $19.97

and comes with free bonuses worth of $677

Should I buy this bullzeye system?

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  • Jake
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    8 years ago
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    Sorry I don't know that particular title, it and the bonuses have the look of those cheap PLR publications anyone can resell at a price they choose.

    Here's what I suspect to be a fake review by the author, it mentions the title has 31 pages.


    (That's a quite common name and could be confused with other products and services)

    There are many general titles on the psychology of salesmanship and writing sales copy, some guides for setting up online membership sites will mention recruiting methods. You could simply be involved with a loser product, there's a countless number of things you could promote online, sometimes it's a good sign to see others using paid advertising to promote te same thing, if those ads are around for any time the odds are they are profiting.

    You can find titles of varying quality, some for just a few dollars in the WSO section of the WarriorForum.com site, some just a few dollars. And you can also find lots of free information through search engines.

    This well know SEO authority compiled these resources and tutorials a few years ago:


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