Do you think mobile apps will become obsolete?

I can't help but believe some day mobile and desktop will be one framework and one OS. Mobile applications are severely limited and cannot replace a desktop or laptop. Either desktop operating systems will become mobile or the vice vera. The two have difficulty coexisting from a developer's standpoint... an app should be scalable between the two!


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  • 9 years ago
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    "Mobile apps"... Food for thoughts!

    10 years ago, we did not have mobiles that would show a website. "Applications" came up: small programs that fit well on a mobile "life", and that was a business birth.

    Nowadays, you have millions of apps to choose from. I personally think that maybe 0.001% are "usable".

    To me (but I am an old stick), a mobile is to CALL someone (or receive a call, like a pager)

    I don't want to watch a TV mach on the mobile, I don't want to play games on it. I don't want to write a report on it.

    You call it a "tablet"? Fine!

    Sorry, it's too small to be useful.

    I think that we have to THINK in two situations: We are MOBILE or we are STATIC.

    Two places with totally different purposes!

    Surfing the web on a mobile? Websites on the web have to be squashed to nearly nothing, so you DON'T see the site as it should be, you loose too much information.

    The two should be separate worlds, for different activities [full stop]

    And, no, mobile applications should be for MOBILES (and should remember that the users are ON THE MOVE).

    Desktop applications should be for DESKTOPS...

    (Are you going to try to modify an AutoCAD design on your mobile while you are making your morning run with your dog???)

    (Are you going to look for the restaurant close to you from your PC, to book a table? or to call a taxi?)

    Nope... TWO worlds apart for me.

    The TV and the PC are still fighting for supremacy!!! None is winning yet.

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    7 years ago

    I'm sure that mobile apps won't become obsolete. I'm a big fan of this new way of life, and every day appear new apps with new facilities for life, things that creates new needs that we did not know, so this is like a spiral. My new purchase is an agenda app, that is more useful than the other past agendas I used, its called MYsistant, you can try it if you want to! ( )

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Desktops and laptops aren’t obsolete, but there are fewer people that need them. I do more from my phone than anything now, then laptop, then sometimes I’ll pull out my 7 inch tablet. I haven’t used a desktop since 2007, what for? I can do everything from my laptop from editing video, photowork. Of course if I was doing super pro work I’d need an expensive calibrated screen, but that still stands… I can do it from a laptop. Desktops are certainly not obsolete for a movie studio. Personally I don’t like working from a desk or being stuck in one place. OSX has great screen management, as does Win7 with a few extras installed. Of course I *could* build a desktop for much cheaper, I know that, but again. I like being mobile. I hate sitting in my house doing work, would rather work from multiple coffee shops or wherever. I do still use my external logitech mouse, I will never give that up! If it came down to needing more screen space I could hook it up to my 32″ tv to get some work done.

  • 5 years ago

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  • 6 years ago


    I can download and use all new mobile apps.

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